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Roxanne Kleinveldt

Hear from our students

How did you end up here? How did you learn about Grenfell and why did you decide to come?

After my older brother had studied at the University of Prince Edward Island, my parents and I started looking into universities in Canada that offered the program(s) I wanted to study. We found the Memorial University of Newfoundland, as well as its several campuses. I applied.
Shortly after, we learnt that there were international student recruitment officer(s) from MUN visiting the hotels in Oman (where I was living), and my mother then invited them over to our house for dinner. 
At the end of dinner, I had learnt more about Grenfell Campus and that I had received an unconditional acceptance.  


What has been your favourite thing about living in Newfoundland and studying at Grenfell?

Newfoundland is brimming with the warmest, most genuine, and open-minded people I have ever come across. I absolutely love being able to strike up friendly conversation with whomever passes me by at any time, on any day, anywhere!
Knowing that all of my professors care about my health and achievement is something incredibly special here at Grenfell Campus. They express concern when I seem to be puzzled by a concept, are always understanding, and are more than willing to help in any way they can. Due to small class sizes, and my talkative nature, I consistently see familiar faces around me, and am constantly making new friends!


What has been the hardest part of being away from home?

I am blessed to have made friends who have quickly become family away from home; they are such a wonderful support group, and are always there to provide encouragement, love, advice, laughter, and food.

Fortunately, I am one of the few that are able to fly home for Christmas and the summer break; however I still get homesick during the months nearing Christmas-- when the Christmas lights, carols and trees pop up in stores and in the city. 
Having to cook for myself, and deep clean the apartment, after an exhausting day or week of academic engagements is a tough task to carry out; it makes me appreciate my mother much more than I already do.


What are your plans when you graduate?

Once I have completed my bachelors of science, I plan to get my Ph.D. right away (not quite sure in which field of study yet)!  If I complete my Ph.D. in the usual 5 years that it takes (on average), then I would have my Ph.D. at the age of 25. That doesn't sound too bad!

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