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Emily Seymour

Hear from our students

How did you end up here? How did you learn about Grenfell and why did you decide to come?

I ended up at Grenfell in an unusual way. In Halifax, we have several big universities locally and a few more in the near radius. However, the opportunity to move away and become more independent had me looking for the chance to move away for post-secondary. When looking at other universities, MUN always spoke to me. Having my family roots in Newfoundland and spending time here, I knew it was great province. When I learned that I could study at Memorial and stay on residence for a fair price, I knew I wanted to apply. However, in a twist of fate, I ended up not being able to go to the St. John's campus and was extremely disappointed since I wanted to go to MUN. When I learned that Grenfell offered my program and had the small school atmosphere that I wanted, I applied right away. Looking back now, I'm so glad that fate led me to Grenfell and I will be happily be coming back next year.


What has been your favourite thing about living in Newfoundland and studying at Grenfell?

Within my first weeks at Grenfell, it already felt like home. The campus was so intimate and cozy and the classes were great. Going to a university where my professor knew my name was so unique and amazing. I quickly met some amazing friends, who became my family here at Grenfell. All of my classes were small and allowed the professor to be really engaged with their students. There are so many cozy spots on campus to curl up and study or just to hang out with friends, which makes the school even better.


What has been the hardest part of being away from home?

The hardest part of being at Grenfell is being away from home. As someone who has a great family and home life, being away is difficult.  However, with the challenges, I've learned to become independent and appreciate that I can love both my life here at Grenfell and look forward to being home. Having great friends has made a huge impact on my ability to be away, whenever I'm home sick I can just call up my best friend and go for coffee to take my mind off of it.


What are you plans when you graduate?

My plans when I graduate are still in the making. Newfoundland has found a special place in my heart and so if career opportunities arise, I might take them. After I finish my undergraduate degree, my goal is to pursue a career in marketing but wherever I find a job that makes me happiest is where I'll hopefully end up.

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