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Q & A with Sara Langer

Program: Sustainable Resource Management 

Hometown: London, Ontario


What about the study of our sustainable resource management program appealed to you?


SL: The program isn't strictly science or social science.  I was able to take classes that expanded my knowledge of the science of ecosystems and climate change, while also studying the socio-cultural and economic impacts of climate change and resource extraction.  Not only was it the interdisciplinary aspect of this program, it was the fact that tuition was the cheapest in Canada, so I still received a quality education for comparatively a fraction of the price than if I went to a university in Ontario.  And finally, such an interdisciplinary course in sustainability is rare at the undergraduate level, and Grenfell Campus was one of the few places in Canada to study resource management from so many different perspectives.  It just seemed like the right choice to come here, and I was not disappointed at all.  The instruction, the professors, and work – all were top quality and prepared me to develop a research niche that has helped me get accepted into graduate school.



What do you like to do when not studying?


SL: When I'm not studying I'm outside exploring every part I can of western Newfoundland.  The location of Grenfell is perfect and the landscape is just beautiful, so any chance I get, I love exploring.


You participate in a student governance, right? Can you tell me a little about that?


I have been involved in the Grenfell Campus Student Union for three of my four years.  Much of my time involved with the student union was about students engaging with the broader community to make sure the community and governments were accessible to them while they pursued a post-secondary education.  Student governance has been a great way to get acquainted with the bureaucracy of the university beyond the academics and learn to advocate and voice my opinions in the appropriate settings where my ideas were mostly likely in the minority.  I gained so many leadership and communication skills that will definitely be an asset to me later in life, and I feel that I have also made a difference at Grenfell during my time in office. 


What are your plans following graduation?


I have been accepted into the masters of arts at Queens University for Global Development Studies.  I plan to complete the two-year thesis stream and hopefully build on the work that I started here at Grenfell.  My independent project was on a just, low-carbon economy for Canada and the transition to a steady-state economy. This research will fit well in this masters program; I can expand it to determine what this would mean for the international community if Canada were to become low-carbon. 


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