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Q & A with Jason Dicker

Program: Environmental studies, BA

Hometown: Nain, Nunatsiavut


How did you become interested in environmental studies?

JD: I became interested in environmental studies when I graduated from the northern natural resources technician program at the College of the North Atlantic in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador. I found out that it was possible to transfer my credits from CNA to earn my degree at Grenfell Campus. I really enjoy learning about the environment and resource management, so I decided to make the transfer and it was really beneficial in the long run.

How has your  Indigenous heritage and childhood in Nain influenced your perspectives on course topics?

JD: I believe that Indigenous people should strengthen their identity to environmental and resource management. Coming from a place (Labrador) that is rich in natural resources, it would be really cooperative for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to manage and govern natural resources effectively in the long-run. We are in a time where these types of resources are highly seen as valuable products to external corporations. Having to graduate from the environmental studies program at Grenfell Campus taught me that these types of resources are invaluable to indigenous peoples.

You're currently working with the Labrador Institute, a campus of Memorial University. Can you tell me about your work there?

JD: Currently, I am a research assistant at the Labrador Institute. I get to work on researching literature review for a project that I am currently working on with Grenfell Campus's Dr. Catherine Keske and Morgon Mills of the Labrador Institute. The type of literature that I am accumulating is directly related to waste management in the Canadian north. This type of work is new to me and I learned that waste management brings challenges and opportunities in northern settlements that are dependent on resource development and isolation.

The things I learned in my course work at Grenfell  is related to sustainable resource management, economics, and environmental assessment. I am learning something new when I continue to research more into resource management, socioeconomics, and environmental studies.

What's next for you?

JD: My plan in the fall is to return to Grenfell Campus and begin my studies in the master of arts, environmental policy program. I want to further my independent project on current wildlife management practices and the impacts on Indigenous peoples in Labrador.

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