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Summer Bridging Program

​The program will consist of instruction in study skills, literacy, library orientation, and healthy lifestyles over the two-week period. View a sample class schedule.

The Summer Bridging Program will provide students with instruction in academic skills that will increase their chances for success in university-level courses, including:

  • instruction and practice in the critical reading skills needed for reading university level textbooks
  • instruction and practice in the writing skills needed to produce well-formulated essays and research papers
  • instruction and practice in basic academic skills such as note-taking, time management and preparation for examinations
  • an introduction to the nature of the university, what the university expects of students, and the programs and resources available at the university
  • The Summer Bridging Program will not carry university credit.

In addition to classroom instruction, there will be assignments and a final examination. Students must achieve an overall average of 50% to pass the Summer Bridge course.

No textbook will be required for the course. Instead, a number of reserve readings will be placed in the Library.

Student Services

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