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Peer Tutoring

​​​The Learning Centre offers FREE, virtual, Peer Tutoring to Grenfell students in two ways: matched tutoring or open tutoring.

Matched Tutoring

Peer tutors are available and free for Grenfell Campus students in a variety of subject areas. Students in need of tutoring will be matched with a student who has excelled in the requested subject area. Peer tutors are undergraduate or graduate student leaders who are expected to be:

  • Organized, yet flexible to meet the demands of adapting for student success;
  • Knowledgeable of the course content, and yet not offer to be a subject matter expert;
  • Responsible, yet always connecting with the course instructor when something seems to have awry; and,
  • Compassionate, yet understand you are to provide guidance and encourage independent work.

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Open Peer Tutors

Open Peer tutors have been set up for Fall 2020 in Chemistry 1810, Chemistry 1200, Physics 1020, and Economics 1010.  Check out the scheduled times our tutors will be available here.

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