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Foreign Health Insurance

Here is some important information related to Foreign Health Insurance. 


Foreign Health Insurance Opt outs

Foreign Health Opt Outs for Spring 2021 are open. Deadline is May 24, 2021. To opt out, go to www.guard.me/mun.

Please note:

1.     Students can opt out of the foreign health and transfer to the student union health plan if they are registered as full time students (excludes work term students) and hold a valid MCP. This opt out and transfer is valid for the remainder of the academic year. This means that every Fall semester, international students will be reverted back to the foreign health plan and will have to opt out again, if eligible. If you completed this opt out in Fall 2020 or Winter 2021, you do not need to do it in Spring 2021.

2.     If you are studying outside of Canada you must opt out of insurance. To opt out, visit www.guard.me/mun during the opt out period to complete an Outside of Canada Waiver. If you opted out for this reason in Winter 2021, you still must opt out again in Spring 2021 if you are outside of Canada.

3.     Students registered for a work term will not be charged foreign health or any student union insurance and as such are not eligible to complete the opt out and transfer described above. Students on a work term must opt into an insurance plan if they are working in Canada. If you have a valid MCP, you can opt into your student union plan. If you do not have a valid MCP, you can opt into the foreign health. Remember, MCP is for coverage inside of NL. If you are out of province, you do not have MCP coverage unless you have successfully obtained Out of Province MCP Coverage. To opt into the foreign health, go to www.guard.me/mun. To opt into your student union insurance, visit their website

For more information see https://www.mun.ca/international/programming/healthinsurance/index.php

Please email international@grenfell.mun.ca with any questions related to health insurance.

International Student Services

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