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Multiculturalism Month

Events and Field Trips


Multiculturalism Month at Grenfell Campus-March 1st-March 31st  

March is Multiculturalism Month in Newfoundland and Labrador. Multiculturalism Month is a celebration of the rich diversity found within our country, province, and communities, and seeks to promote the positive collaboration and integration of all community members, regardless of cultural background and identity. Grenfell Campus will be hosting a variety of events throughout the remainder of the month, so keep an eye on our social media channels for event times and descriptions. If you have any questions about Multiculturalism Month at Grenfell, please contact international@grenfell.mun.ca

Dear Corner Brook:  anonymous letters from Grenfell students to the community    

Look around campus for anonymous letters that international students have written sharing their experiences as immigrants.   
Grenfell Campus   

Films from Away    

Come and join us for a weekly movie to celebrate our diversity. Popcorn provided.  
Every Friday    

Multicultural Dance Night  

GCSU Dance Society  

The GCSU Dance Society is hosting a dancing event this Friday, March 4, 2022. Check the GCSU social media for more information.   
March 4  
19+ Only  

Multiculturalism Trivia   

GCSU Backlot  

The GCSU Backlot will be hosting a trivia night on March 15 for multiculturalism Month. The Backlot will be serving unique cocktails from around the world, and popcorn will be served.   
Check their social media for updates.  
March 15  

Share your Story     

March is Multiculturalism Month and Grenfell Campus is encouraging our staff, students, and faculty to "Share your Story." Come into AS2028 for a couple minutes of your day and share something about yourself, how you have made Grenfell and Newfoundland your home, and what you think people can do to eliminate racism.  Check your Grenfell email for dates and times to share your story!   
March 8, 10-11am   
March 10, 2-4pm   
March 14, 11:30-12:30pm  
March 16, 2-3pm   
March 18, 10-12pm   

More Than a Month: Celebrating Black History Today and Every Day   

Senate of Canada and the Canadian Federation of Students   

On March 9th from 1:30-3:00 NST, students from coast to coast to coast will have the opportunity to engage with Senators in an event coordinated in partnership with the Senate of Canada and the Canadian Federation of Students. The topic of the discussion will include anti-Black racism, anti-racist ally ship and solidarity practices, and the Black student post-secondary experience in Canada.
The event is open to all post-secondary students in Canada.   
Register here.
Visit the Canadian Federation of Students social media for more information.   
March 9th   
1:30pm NST   

Immigration sessions for students, faculty, and staff.   

If you have immigration questions, immigration advisor Arif Abu will be on campus hosting an immigration session for students and an immigration session for faculty and staff. There will be 1:1 immigration appointments for international students.   
Check your email and our social media for updates.  
March 15-Student session 1:30pm/Faculty and Staff session 2:30 
March 16-1:1 immigration appointment. Send an email to international@grenfell.mun.ca to book an appointment.  

Newfoundland Kitchen Party   

There will be a series of activities highlighting Newfoundland and Labradorean culture on March 17 in the Atrium. Among these activities will be a Screech-in, a Newfoundland language lesson, and a visit from some special guests.     
March 17  
12:30 pm   

Multicultural competencies discussion group.   

Open to all. Tracy Kreuzburg and Angela Gomez will talk about multicultural competencies at work. This discussion group will cover a wide range of topics related to the integration of individuals from varied cultural backgrounds into social and professional settings. In light of Corner Brook’s growing international and immigrant population, this group can provide you with the tools to help promote positive multicultural interactions in your classroom, workplace, or social circles.  
Grenfell Art Gallery  
March 18th 

Multiculturalism Poster Contest   


March is Multiculturalism Month in NL and to celebrate we are having a poster contest! Open to all ages. Your posters must highlight your culture or what multiculturalism means to you. Send it to cmhi.mhp@gmail.com between March 20th-26th. The winner will be announced on March 28th  and will receive a gift card as a prize.  
March 20-28   

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination    

Join our guest speakers Miguel Jones and John Isiswe Mweemba who will be talking about their experiences and efforts to reduce racism in Newfoundland.  Miguel is an Asian-Newfoundlander who promotes multicultural awareness in Newfoundland and John is a MUN student who was the recipient of the 2021 Human Rights Award for his dedication to improve human rights in NL.   
March 21  

Tastes of the world    

Share your recipe with us and let others learn and cook some traditional dishes from your country! We will share these recipes on Messenger and our official website. Send your recipe to emaceachern@grenfell.mun.ca or international@grenfell.mun.ca   

Indigenous People’s Week     

Check Grenfell’s social media and stay tuned for more information about this week.  #indigenouspeoplesweek  

Multicultural-themed Open mic  


The GCSU will host a multicultural-themed open mic on March 24, 2022. In addition, special cocktails from around the world will be available. Check the GCSU social media for more information.  
March 24  

Cultural Delight Potluck  


Feel free to come and enjoy a bit of the cultural diversity in our community by enjoying the different dishes prepared!  For more information, send an email to cmhi.mhp@gmail.com or international@grenfell.mun.ca and check our social media for more details.  
Vine Place Community Centre    
March 26   

Multiculturalism Show    

Back by popular demand, the Multiculturalism Show is a Grenfell tradition hosted at the end of Multiculturalism Month each year. Performers from among our student body will come together and share their cultural talents in the form of songs, dance, poetry, and more. If you’d like to participate as a performer, please contact international@grenfell.mun.ca for more info. This event will be free for students to attend.  
Arts and culture Centre  
March 27  

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