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Health Services

​​Grenfell Campus recreation programs provide opportunities for physical activities to students, faculty and staff.

Supporting and empowering a balanced lifestyle is crucial to the health and success of all. Programs include intramurals, open gym time, fitness classes, and access to fitness centres. Don't miss out on these great activities and purchase a recreation pass.


Intramurals offer students an opportunity to stay involved in the sports they love, or try a new sport while they attend university. All intramurals organized by Grenfell Campus are designed so that each student can have fun in a recreational setting. We offer leagues in various sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball. All players must have a valid recreation (REC) pass which can be purchased through students services office. Contact Student Services for current schedule.

Recreation (REC) Passes

For the fall semester, the Forever Young Fitness Centre will be offering the following promotion to Grenfell Students. These passes will be sold at the Fitness Centre, and not on Campus.

Student Rates:

  • $159 for 4 months, plus HST (Ex. September 2020 - December 2020). Students can pay the full amount at once, or use a credit card to pay $40 per month. (September, October, November & December)
  •  $319 for 12 months, plus HST(Ex. September 2020 - August 2021). Again, students can pay the full amount at once, or pay $27 per month.

If you choose to just pay for one month, the fee is $49, plus HST.

Please see the staff at the Forever Young Fitness Centre for further details or call 634-6665.

Student Services

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