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Recycling on campus


At Grenfell Campus, we are committed to reducing waste wherever possible, which includes improvements to recycling different material streams. Grenfell has already phased out black garbage bags in 2019 in favour of clear trash bags to comply with Western Regional Waste Management’s new Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Policy for the Western Region. This policy has encouraged the proper sorting of waste (clear bags) and recyclables (blue bags) and helped hold people and industries accountable for what they are throwing into dumpsters. 

Below you will find information on all the different materials that can be recycled in blue bags around campus:

Recycling on Campus

  • BatteriesThe GCSU has collected hundreds of pounds of household type batteries on behalf of the Grenfell community since it began its battery recycling over 15 years ago. Drop-off boxes for recycling batteries are located in the GCSU Offices and batteries are collected by Facilities Management and dropped off via the west coast HHW program.
  • Cardboard: All multi-stream recycling bins around campus accept cardboard in the paper bins
  • Paper: Recycling bins designated for paper are located in every classroom around campus
  • Gently used items: Student Housing's Free Store accepts all gently used items. Drop off your donations at the Student Housing Office
  • Printer cartridges: ITS is responsible for recycling printer cartridges
  • Plastic: Most plastic (i.e. beverage containers, food containers and trays, cleaning supplies, etc.) can be recycled in the multi-stream bins around campus. See the WRWM Recycling Guide for what can and cannot be recycled in these bins.

Recycling in Residences

Residence Complex / Arts & Science Residences

In both the Residence Complex and the A&S Residences, there is a multi-stream recycling program set in place with recycling paper and tin cans/plastics (left) and beverage containers (right). See the guides below for more information.

Recycling Bins in RC.jpg

  • Beverage Containers (right) - GWMC volunteers collect all non-milk beverage containers in all residences, so make sure to follow the signage and place beverage containers in the proper bins. 
  • Multi-Stream Recycling (left) - All other recyclables (i.e., tin cans, plastic take out containers, milk containers, etc.) can be placed in the designated slots of the recycling bins. Use this recycling guide for all multi-stream recycling bins on campus


There are blue bins provided in each chalet for separating recyclables and other waste. Residents are responsible for dropping off their blue bag recyclables in the respective laundry room. If possible, separate your beverage containers from other recyclables for GWMC collection.

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