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How to Secure Print


How to Secure Print

  1. Navigate to the "Print" menu in the software you would like to print a page from. Select an option with a name similar to "Printer Properties". An example using Microsoft Word 2010 is shown.​​​

  2. Select the arrow icon next to the "Job Type" menu to select a printing type.

  3. Select the "Secure Print..." option.

  4. Invent a numeric passcode that you would like to print the document with; you will need to remember this passcode when you wish to retrieve your document from the printer. Type the passcode into both the "Passcode" and "Confirm Passcode" fields. When finished, select the "OK" button.​

  5. Select the "OK" button.

  6. Print the document the way you normally would.

  7. Travel to the Xerox WorkCentre printer and press the button labelled "Job Status".​
  8. Press Secure Print Jobs to display all currently waiting Secure Jobs.​
  9. Select your secure job from the list.​
  10. Type the passcode you entered earlier for this job.
  11. Press the "OK" button to enter the passcode.
  12. Select the job you want to release.
  13. Press Print from the menu.
  14. The printer will then release the print job.​​

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