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What is PrinterOn?

PrinterOn is a product that allows Grenfell users to print from anywhere you have a network connection or access to Wi-Fi.

PrinterOn is available for:

  • Mobile devices via an app.
  • PC​s and Laptops via a webpage interface either from a remote site or on campus.
  • E-mail: Documents are sent to the desired printer as an attachment.

PrinterOn mobile is designed to be used to print:

  • ​from the web
  • through the cloud (such as Microsoft OneDrive) 
  • from e-mail

For printing photos and webpages PrinterOn has native support. In order to print files such as MS Word MS Excel etc. your files need to be copied to Microsoft OneDrive for printing. When you open your document in OneDrive select PrinterOn as the associated program to use.

How do I configure my Mobile App?

  1. Create a Service:
    • ​​​Open PrinterOn. Then tap Settings.
    • Tap Services.
    • Click the ‘+’ symbol in the top right hand part of the screen.​
    • ​Add a description.
    • Add the URL: http://printeron.grenfell.mun.ca/cps
    • Ensure Default Service is set to Yes as shown.
    • Click the Arrow in the top right hand corner of the screen to save the settings.

  2. Create an Account on your device:
    • ​Return to the PrinterOn start screen.
    • Tap user Accounts.
    • Click the ‘+’ symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen.
    • Add a description, full name, supply your Grenfell E-mail address and your password.
    • Ensure that both the PrinterOn Service and Grenfell Service are selected.
    • Save your settings by tapping the arrow in the top right hand corner.

  3. Add a printer:
    • ​Return to the PrinterOn start screen.
    • Tap No Printer Selected.
    • Tap Enterprise and the printer list will become populated.
    • Tap to select the Printer you want to add.
    • You will be returned to the main PrinterOn screen.
    • Select the web page or photo you wish to print and follow the on-screen directions.

      ​(Note: for files other than photos and webpages you need to have an account in a cloud based service such as Microsoft OneDrive and your files need to be added to your one drive space.)

How do I print from a Laptop or Computer to PrinterOn?

  1. Through the Grenfell PrinterOn webpage:
    • ​​Visit the following website to upload documents to print: ​http://printeron.grenfell.mun.ca
    • Click on the Print Icon.
    • Login with your Grenfell Account (i.e. username only - "@grenfell.mun.ca" is NOT necessary)
    • Use your Grenfell Network password.
    • Select a printer and follow the onscreen directions.

  2. ​By e-mailing your file as an attachment to the printer.
    • ​​​Open Outlook and start a new e-mail.
    • Click To…
    • Under Address book Select Printers.
    • Select the printer you wish to use.
    • Attach your file to the message and send the message.
    • You will receive an e-mail when your document has printed.​

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