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Sara March Bursary

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Nomination form: Sarah March Bursary Nomination Form.pdf


Sara March graduated from Riverview Rural High School in Cape Breton, N.S., in 2012. She was a third-year biochemistry student at Memorial University of Newfoundland when she died in a car accident on Nov. 2, 2014. This bursary program was established by her family to honour Sara's memory and her love of theatre and performing.

Sara March was born in Cape Breton, but spent every holiday in Corner Brook thereafter.

Although Sara originally hailed from Nova Scotia, she felt Corner Brook was a second home. She wholly embraced the people and activities of the west coast city: she had a Corner Brook Public Library card, swam at Margaret Bowater Park and the Corner Brook Arts and Culture swimming pool, took in movies at the Millbrook Cinema, skied downhill at Marble Mountain and spent many of holidays at Pasadena beach and at the family cabin in Pasadena. She even purchased a clarinet in Corner Brook when she decided to take music at her school at home.  

Though this scholarship fund was initially established for a student attending any campus of Memorial, this year the family has determined a portion would be earmarked for children's summer programming. To that end, the Sara March Musical Theatre Camp Bursary has been established so that a child with financial needs might experience the same summer joys that Sara did.


  • Open to all Newfoundland and Labrador residents born between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2009. 
  • Must be in a financial situation where without this bursary, attendance at the musical theatre camp would not be possible or would create hardship. 
  • Must have attended school on a full-time basis in the past year.

    Application procedures
  • Extension! Nominations will be accepted until June 21, 2019!
  • Nominators must complete the formal application form and may provide an additional reference letter for the committee's consideration.
  • Please submit nominations to cconnors@grenfell.mun.ca

All nominations, the information contained therein, and the proceedings of the Award Committee will be strictly confidential.

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