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Digitization: Readiness and Changing Mindsets Lunch and Learn

For the Community

​While we might all have some experience with digitization, do we truly know what it is? Do we truly know our potential for digitizing certain aspects of our lives and our society? Digitization: Readiness and Changing Mindsets is an event to help us change our mindsets, and become ready to embrace this concept in several areas of our society, with a clear application at a local level.


Join us for a free lunch and learn on Wednesday, March 28 from 11am – 2pm in the Fine Arts Atrium, featuring:


Dr Markus Laursen works in the development of competencies and capabilities for succeeding with digital transformation in both public and private sector organizations. Markus works as a researcher and teacher in the private sector, and was previously working as a Post-doctoral researcher at Aarhus University. He holds a PhD degree in Management from Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences. Markus has researched project value creation and benefits management in relation to IT projects, and how change develops capabilities in organizations. Markus will discuss how firms move through various stages in the digitization process, and will explore how we as people should think about digitization moving forward.


Dr. Nikolaus Obwegeser is an Assistant Professor at Aarhus University's Department of Management in Aarhus, Denmark. Nikolaus holds a PhD from the Vienna University of Economics and Business in the areas of information systems, supply chain management, technology acceptance and human-computer interaction. Nikolaus will introduce the idea of digitization, and discuss how both smaller and larger firms become ready to take on the digitization process.


Dr. Billy Newell is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Grenfell Campus, and holds a PhD in Management from Aarhus University. Billy's research focuses on business-to-business relationships, with a special focus on how and buyers and suppliers share big data and other valuable market-based information. Billy will further discuss the ideas of the previous two speakers in the local context, and pose some questions on how we might approach digitization both now and in the future.


Register today at https://digitizationgrenfell.eventbrite.ca

Digitization: Readiness and Changing Mindsets Lunch and Learn

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