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Salish Weave in the Memorial University Art Collection

October 22 - January 10 


"All of these print editions use and adapt traditional Coast Salish design fundamentals to dig deep into the rich soil of tradition as well as reaching high into the open sky of progress. By skillfully drawing inspiration from both the future and the past, these artists are able to "make it new," while still honoring the artistic history of their ancestors."      
             - Qwul'thilum (Dylan Thomas) Coast Salish artist, Lyackson First Nation  

Grenfell Art Gallery presents an exhibition of Coast Salish prints that are recent acquisitions into our collection. Generously donated to the Memorial University Art Collection by George and Christiane Smyth of Vancouver Island, these stunning prints are the work of eight internationally recognized Coast Salish artists. The Coast Salish Native peoples are indigenous to the lower mainland of Vancouver and southern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, extending to northern Washington State. 


Grenfell Art Gallery gratefully acknowledges the support of Grenfell Campus and Memorial University of Newfoundland



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