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Faculty Advisors

Academic advising

​​​Faculty advisors

Faculty advisors are vital to the success of academic advising at Grenfell Campus. The student/advisor relationship is often vital to students' academic success.  This website aims to provide you with the necessary information to enable you to provide quality advice. It is important to note that staff advisors are available to answer any questions that are beyond your field of expertise or that you are not comfortable answering. One of our primary principles is that it's always better to redirect students than to give them incorrect or misleading information. Please feel free to contact the staff advisors in the Registrar's Office at any time (with your advisee present if you wish) or bring/send your advisee to consult with us.

Advisors' responsibilities:

  • Understand the general university regulations
  • Understand the Grenfell core degree requirements
  • Be available during office hours to assist student with academic issues
  • Assist students in developing a long-term academic plan
  • Have a general understanding of academic processes (e.g. adding/dropping courses requesting degree audit, waiver of regulations)
  • Direct student to the appropriate department/resources to assist them with any issues they may be having

Resources you may need:

First year student advising​

Qualifying faculty meet with their assigned advisees the day before the start of classes in the fall semester. 

  • Materials for the group meeting will be placed in your mailbox the last week of August. You will be assigned a specific time and location for your group meeting.
  • Group meetings give advisors an opportunity to meet their advisees and present general information. The group meeting can be supplemented throughout the semester with individual advising meetings as required. 
  • Advisors should note, there is also a Advising first year student's video available for viewing, to allow you to gain a greater understanding of the process of advising first year students at Grenfell.

Academic Integrity Course (INTG1000)

Integrity 1000 (Academic Integrity) is an online course designed to help students learn more about academic integrity and the important role it plays at Memorial University.

Integrity 1000 is a required non-credit course which must be completed during a students first year of studies here at Memorial.

The course is divided into two parts: Integrity 1000. First year students will automatically be registered for the course and it will be available in their list of courses in Brightspace. Student's can access the course using their my.mun.ca login. Student's will be able to access Integrity 1000 as soon as they register for courses in their first term at Memorial.  If students do not complete Integrity 1000 before the registration period of their second semester, they will not be permi​tted to register. ​


​​Safety 1807 & 1808

All students who expect to take a laboratory course where they may be exposed to chemicals must have appropriate training in WHMIS and Laboratory Safety.

Student will register for Science 1807 & 1808 on Memorial Self Service during their assigned course registration time.  Student's shoulld first register for Science 1807 & 1808 prior to registering for the laboratory science courses.  Once students have registered for Science 1807 & 1808 they will then be permitted to registered for their laboratory science courses.  Prior to the start of laboratory classes, students will need to successfully complete Science 1807 & 1808. Science 1807 &1808 is offered online through Brightspace and takes about 2 hours to complete.  After registering it will take up to six hours to gain access to the course. Students access the course online through Desire2Learn using their my.mun.ca login ID. Any questions can be directed to labsafety@mun.ca.​​​

​Program Checklist

​​In conjunction with program chairs, staff academic advisors in the Registrar's office have developed program checklists for each major offered at Grenfell Campus.  These checklists are updated every year, and include the requirements for the specific major, a place to record the minor, and academic electives.  The checklist also takes into consideration the Grenfell Core Requirements ( If applicable).  If as a faculty advisor you would like a copy of your program checklist, or if you have any questions about the checklist,  please contact your program chair or one of the staff academic advisors in the Registrar's Office.  

Advising Matrix

Every student has an academic advisor from their first day of classes until they graduate.  To gain a better understanding of who a student's advisor is, please consult the advising matrix below.





Undeclared first year students
Academic Advisor- Registrar's Office

Undeclared students beyond first year
Academic Advisor- Registrar's Office

Declared students​ - Grenfell Campus degree programAcademic Contact List 2022.pdf
Students in a pre-program (e.g. pre-Education, pre-Social Work, etc.)
Academic Advisor- Registrar's Office
Declared students - St. John’s programsAcademic advisor/ program manager St. John’s Campus

Academic Advising

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