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    Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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    Summer Bridge provides a second-chance for university applicants.

    Grenfell Campus recognizes that a critical part of an effective university education is the academic supports put in place to ensure first-year success and retention.  

    Over the past several years, a number of programs targeted toward students who face academic challenges in their first year of study have been implemented to promote student success and retention here at Grenfell Campus.  One of these initiatives include the Summer Bridge program.

    The Summer Bridge program is available to students who do not meet regular admission requirements having graduated high school with an average that falls within the 65-69.9% range.  It will take place Aug. 12-23, 2019; the application deadline is Aug. 6, 2019

    “The program in its current form, which has undergone revisions over the years, has a successful track record of providing an opportunity for university study to students who would not otherwise have been admitted to the university,”  said Lorna Payne, coordinator of the Learning Centre at Grenfell Campus. “Students who enrol in Summer Bridge fare better in a number of measures of academic performance including grade average and academic standing when compared to their counterparts who enter university with similar high school marks.”

    Summer Bridge will consist of instruction in study skills, literacy, library  and orientation over the two-week period. 

    Participants will also be provided a window into life as a university student, and includes some recreational and extra-curricular activities. 

    Accommodations in our student residences are available. Any questions pertaining to final admissions average, can be directed to the Office of the Registrar at 637-6250. 

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