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Raymond Thomas


​Raymond Thomas, B.Sc. (Hons) (Lincoln University), M.Sc. (University of Minnesota), PhD (University of Western Ontario)

Associate Professor – Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences​

Phone: (709) 637-7161, (780) 274-0368

Email: rthomas@grenfell.mun.carthoma5@alumni.uwo.ca

Office: AS 222




I have a PhD in Biology with a specialization in Environmental Stress Physiology and Biochemistry, MSc in Horticulture (Plant Physiology), BSc (Hons) in Agriculture, ASc in General Agriculture. Post-doctoral Fellowship was in Environmental Stress Lipidomics and Neurolipidomics. My research approach and programs are very multidisciplinary and involves collaborations with other scientists or end users in government (Regional, Provincial and Federal), industry, and academia in the areas of agriculture, food science, analytical chemistry, biostatistics, neuroscience and nutritional biochemistry; to assess the roles of lipids in agriculture production, food and human health outcomes. Analytical expertise: (pressurize solvent extraction, mass spectrometry, chromatography and vibrational spectroscopy)

Research Inte​​rests

  • Functional foods production, sensory perception, development, safety and preservation
  • Use of nanotechnology to enhance plant performance in Boreal Ecosystem
  • Spatial, functional and compositional lipid metabolism in response to environmental stressors
  • Influences of gut microbiome on brain lipid metabolism and brain health
  • Chemometrics and Lipid modeling
  • Increase yield, nutritional and value added production in control systems agriculture and alternative forage production systems
  • Hydroponics: (sprouted fodder, herbs and vegetable production)

Grants and Awards

  • $328,139 – Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Advance Skills & Labour- Workforce Innovation Centre: Role- Co-Investigator: Start Date: November 2017. Title: Bridging the divide- Connecting and preparing refugees for work in the Province’s Agriculture Industry. Collaborators: Mumtaz Cheema, Sarah Thompson (Principal Investigator). 
  • $10,000, Memorial University Seed, Bridge and Multidisciplinary Grant. Role- Principal Investigator: Lipid Imaging as a tool to understand microbial metabolites induced alterations of spatial brain lipid metabolism: Implications in neuropsychiatric disorders. Start date, June 1, 2017. Collaborators: Sukindher Cheema, Jacqueline Blundell
  • $152,000, Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada, Growing Forward2, Memorial University, Provincial Department of Fisheries and Land Resources: Role – Principal Investigator, Start date May 1, 2017. The Functional and quality indices of wild and hybrid Newfoundland berries. Collaborators: Samir Debnath, Karen Doody, Sukindher Cheema and Mumtaz Cheema.
     $15, 000, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT): Role- Principal Investigator, Start date Jan 2017: Use of nanoparticles to improve plant growth performance
  •  $334,000, RDC Leverage, Role: Principal Investigator, –Start Date March 1, 2017, Establishment of a Functional Foods Research Program at the New Boreal Ecosystem Research Facility- MUN  
  •  $5,000, Teaching grant, Memorial University: Role: Co-principal Investigator, Start date May 2017: Artist in residence at the Boreal Ecosystem Research Facility. Co- principal Investigator (Barb Hunt).
  •  $10,000- Agri-Foods Canada: Role Principal Investigator: Start Date: June1, 2016. Title: Improved  soil health, forage yield and forage quality via intercropping vine soybeans and forage corn. Collaborator: Vanessa Kavanagh
  •  $125,000: NSERC Discovery, (Start date April 1- 2016). Role: Principal Investigator. Title: Oxylipins as novel sources of soybean tolerance to Phytophthora sojae infection 
  •  $15,000, Research and Development Corporation, Start date: May 9, 2016. Role Principal Investigator. Title: Use of natural antioxidants to improve the shelf-life and sensory qualities of herbal soaps. Collaborator (co-principal applicant): Mikaela Wilson  
  •  $100,000: Research Development Corporation, Start Date: Jan 1/2015. Role: Collaborator. Title: Understanding soil fertility under land use change scenarios. Collaborators: Adrian Unc (Principal Investigator), Mumtaz Cheema, Vanessa Kavanagh.
  • $100,000: Research Development Corporation, Start Date: Jan 1, 2015. Role: Collaborator. Title: Biomass production and phosphorus availability from dairy manure in silage corn. Collaborators: Adrian Unc (Principal Investigator), Mumtaz Cheema, Vanessa Kavanagh
  • $5,000, Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada, Start Date Sep 1, 2015. Role: Principal Applicant, Title: Influences of soil acidity on soybean root membrane phospholipid metabolism, plant acclimation, forage quality and yield as a function of production in acid soils. Collaborator : Ashley Mullins
  • $50,000: National Research Council (IRAP), Start Date: March 1, 2014. Role: Collaborator. Collaborators (Ahamed Hussain (Principal Investigator), Sreeshailom Aare : Biosynthesis of Monoacetyldiacylglycerols
  • $2,500: Associate Vice President Research Grant, Memorial University (Start Date Sept 1/2014), Role: Principal Investigator. Title: The use of herbs and spices based marinates to reduce heterocyclic amines formation in grilled meats
  • $100,000: Research Development Corporation, Start Date: Nov 1/2014. Role: Principal Investigator. Collaborators: Adrian Unc, Mumtaz Cheema, Jose Lam, Vanessa Kavanagh. Title: Potential of sprouted fodder as an alternative animal feed source for Newfoundland and Labrador agricultural Industry 
  • $20,000 start –up grant, Memorial University, Star Date: Aug 1,2013.


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Published work got worldwide media attention

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Highly Qualified Personnel


1.     Post-Doctoral Fellow:

a.     Thu Huong Pham 2016-2018 (Started Feb 2016)

b.     Natalia Prieto Vidal 2017-2019 (Started May 2017)

2.     PhD Students:

a.     Doyin Adigun, 2017-2021 (Start Jan 2017)

b.     Charles Mansful, 2017-2021  (Start May 2017)

c.     Ahamed Harasheh- 2018-2022 (Start Jan 2018)

3.     Masters Students:

a.     Mohamed Zaeem, 2016-2018 (Start May 2016)

b.     Tiffany Fillier, 2016-2018 (Start June 2016)

c.     Imani Maxwell 2017 -2019, (Start Nov 2017)

4.     Undergraduates:

a.     Evan Wheeler, Summer 2016, NSERC- USRA fellow

b.     Ryley Pumphrey,  Research Assistant, Summer 2015, Summer 2016, Summer 2016

c.     Mellisa O'Brien,  Research Assistant, Summer 2014

i.    Accepted to Medical School at Memorial University

d.     Natasha Lee, SWASP , Research assistant, (Fall and Winter 2016)

e.     Janieki Young (MUCEP), Research assistant, 2016-2017

f.      Zachary Porter, MUCEP , Research assistant, Summer 2017

g.     Ashley Hemmings, BERI Artist in Residence, Summer 2017

h.     Abira Mumtaz, Summer research assistant 2017

i.      Roxanne Kleinveldt, (MUCEP)  Research assistant- Fall 2017

Advisory committee:

1.     Waqar Ashiq (MSc - BEAS ), 2016-2018

2.     Shrusti Shah  (MSc- Biochemistry), 2016-2018

3.     Kamaleswaran Sadatcharam (MSc – BEAS), 2016-2018

4.     Waqas Ali (MSc- BEAS), 2016-2018)


Chemistry 1200 (Introductory Chemistry: Winter and Fall Semesters 2014-present

BEAS 600, (Graduate Research Seminar) Fall semesters (2016-present)

BEAS 600A, Issues in Boreal Ecosystem and Agriculture Sciences, Fall semesters (2016- present)

BEAS 6022, Plant Biochemistry (Fall 2017-onwards)

Graduate Studies

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