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Jared Howell


​Jared Howell, BSc (MUN), MSc (MUN), PhD (Victoria)

Associate Professor – Computational Mathematics

Phone: (709) 637-6284

Email: jahowell@grenfell.mun.ca

Office: AS3013

Research interests/expertise

Most of my research is in Combinatorial Design Theory and Graph Theory. Specifically, I am interested in Graph Searching, Graph Decompositions, Graph Algorithms, and Graph Labelling.


I have taught many different courses at MUN in Mathematics and Computer Programming. I often teach Linear Algebra, Introduction to Combinatorics, Combinatorial Analysis, and Mathematics for Business.

Representative scholarly contributions

Recent Publications:
  • K. Barnetson, A. Burgess, J. Enright, J. Howell, D. Pike, B. Ryan, The Firebreak Problem, Networks 77 (2021), 372-382.
  • D. Dyer, J. Howell, Watchman’s walks of Steiner triple system block intersection graphs, Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 68 (2017), 23-34.
  • D. Dyer, J. Howell, The multiplicity of watchman’s walks, Congressus Numerantium 226 (2016), 301-317.
  • S. Fitzpatrick, J. Howell, M. Messinger, D. Pike, A deterministic version of the game of zombies and survivors on graphs, Discrete Applied Mathematics 2013 (2016), 1-12.
  • P. Dukes, J. Howell, The Orthogonality Spectrum for Latin Squares of Different Orders, Graphs and Combinatorics 29 (2013), 1, 71-78.
  • P. Dukes, J. Howell, Solution to the Intersection Problem for Latin Squares of Different Orders, Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing 80 (2012), 289-298.

To Appear:
  • D. Dyer, J. Howell, B. Pittman, The watchman’s walk problem on directed graphs, Australasian Journal of Combintorics
  • D. Dyer, J. Howell, Bounds on watching and watching graph products, Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory.

Honours, graduate and post-graduate supervision

Graduate Students: 
  • Brittany Pittman – MSc Mathematics (2020)

Chair, Computational Mathematics

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
20 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL
A2H 5G4, Canada

Office: AS3013
Phone: +1 (709) 639-2596
Email: rmilley@grenfell.mun.ca

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