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program requirements

Program and courses

Qualifications for Admission

To be considered for admission, applicants shall hold a Bachelor's (Honours) degree normally in Science, Agriculture, Forestry, Engineering, Geography, or Environmental Science with at least second class standing, or equivalent, from an institution recognized by the Senate or shall have qualifications and/or experience in environmental science acceptable to the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Grenfell Campus graduate committee. The Grenfell Campus graduate committee makes recommendations on admission to the Dean of Graduate Studies for this program.

Admission is limited and competitive, and will follow the general qualifications for admission to Masters Programs at Memorial University of Newfoundland as set out under General Regulations, Qualifications for Admission of the School of Graduate Studies. All applicants found academically acceptable to the M.Sc. BEAS program are required to have a faculty supervisor before final acceptance can be offered. As well, applicants are required to demonstrate English proficiency by submission of a minimum score in TOEFL, IELTS, or another acceptable language test, in accordance with General Regulation, Qualifications for Admission, English Language Proficiency

Requirements of the School of Graduate Studies.

Program of Study and Research

  1. The program of study for the M.Sc. BEAS degree shall consist of the successful completion of a program of courses and a thesis
    embodying original research.
  2. Every candidate shall successfully complete at least 12 credit hours as outlined under Program Requirements below. Undergraduate courses at the fourth year level may be required at the recommendation of the supervisory committee; these courses do not count against the required graduate credit requirements but are necessary for graduation.
  3. Every candidate shall submit a thesis, as outlined under General Regulations, Theses and Reports, on an approved subject in which systematic research has been conducted under the direction of the Supervisor recommended by the academic unit concerned and approved by the Divisional Head.
In addition to courses and thesis research, it is a requirement that all graduate students of this program must participate in Grenfell campus-wide graduate student seminars. This is graded by supervisor(s) for participation as satisfactory/unsatisfactory; a satisfactory evaluation is required for graduation.

Program Requirements

  • Students admitted to the program must complete a research thesis under the supervision of a faculty member or members, and a
    minimum of four courses (12 credit hours) as determined by the thesis supervisor. Three courses are selected from four core courses. A fourth course can be selected from a list of optional courses.
  • All students must complete three core courses:
    BEAS 6000 - Issues in Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences (3 credit hours). This course will initially be offered during 660 School of Graduate Studies 2016-2017 the Fall semester.
    BEAS 600A/B - Graduate Research Seminar (3 credit hours). Students will normally register for BEAS 600A in the Fall semester
    and BEAS 600B in the following Winter semester. A grade of NC (No Grade Expected) will be assigned BEAS 600A.
  • Students must also complete one of the two following courses:
    BEAS 6002 - Advanced Quantitative Research Methods for the Natural Sciences or
    BEAS 6003 - Advanced Quantitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences (3 credit hours)
  • A further 3 credit hours will be accumulated in elective courses related to the student's research area. Students should view Table 1 Research Areas and Sample Elective Courses for suggestions.
Table 1 Research Areas and Sample Elective Courses
Economics & Social SciencePlant ScienceSoil and Land Resource Water Resources
BEAS 6010 Agriculture and Forestry Economics

BEAS 6020 Management of Crop Nutrition

BEAS 6021 Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture

BEAS 6022 Plant Biochemistry

BEAS 6023 Plant Physiology

BEAS 6030 Chemical Speciation Modeling for Environmental Matrices

BEAS 6031 Soil Functions: Soil as a Bioreactor

BEAS 6032 Environmental Soil

BEAS 6033 Soil and Water

BEAS 6040 Advanced Groundwater Management

BEAS 6041 Applied Hydrology

BEAS 6042 Soil and Groundwater Remediation


  1. In order to continue in the School of Graduate Studies and in order to qualify for a Master's Degree, a candidate shall obtain an A or B grade in each program course as outlined under General Regulations, Evaluation, Evaluation of Graduate Students.
  2. When it has been determined, on the basis of consultation with the candidate, the instructors in graduate courses, and the thesis
    Supervisor, that a candidate's work has fallen below a satisfactory level, the Supervisor or the Head of the appropriate academic unit may recommend to the Divisional Head that such a candidate be required to withdraw from the program as outlined under General  Regulations, Evaluation, Evaluation of Graduate Students.

Graduate Studies

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