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For students and teachers

Shakespeare Live!

​Discussion points for students and teachers

During the livestream production of Hamlet 2017, students will be exposed to a number of elements:

Technical theatre:

  • Set design - look closely at the set - what special elements do you see? What aspects of the set help bring the audience into a present-day tragedy? What do you like about the set? Or not like? How does the set help the actors?
  • Props - How important are props to this production? Are there props you expected to see? What familiarities did you experience? What props were used that seemed unusual or unique?
  • Lighting and sound - How do light and sound designs create mood? Are there scenes where you find the lighting/sound to be particularly effective?
  • Costuming - How are the costumes in this production different than you expected? Are the costume designs effective in the context of the modern-day setting?


  • The text - How different is Shakespeare when you hear it spoken rather than reading it on the page? Is it easier to understand the story? Why or why not?
  • Voice and speech - Do the actors effectively convey the text? Are they audible and understandable? Is the webcast an effective means through which to follow their story?
  • Movement - How do the actors use their bodies to tell the story? How does the director use movement to create mood and build relationships? 
  • Roles - who are the main characters in the play? How do the other roles support the leads? What are the subplots to the main plot? Why are these subplots important in supporting the overarching story?

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