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Upcoming productions 

MacBeth – by William Shakespeare – revised by Jerry Etienne

Opens Thursday, March 5 and runs through to Saturday, March 7, 2020 – Arts & Culture Centre -  8pm

Macbeth is arguably Shakespeare's most sinister and violent tragedy. It is also one of Shakespeare's most beautifully poetic plays. It is an exploration of the balance of good and evil that is inherent in us all, and how that balance can be tipped by ambition.  A life without ambition would lack purpose, but a life obsessed by ambition becomes ruthless, shutting out honour, love, obedience, friends – everything but the prize (the crown) – until, in the end, that life has no meaning. Today we live in a society rife with ambition. Politicians, sports stars, entertainers, business people – so many of us want the top prize, and second place just will not do. Join us for our very contemporary production of Macbeth. We hope it will leave you pondering how far we can go to win the prize before we lose the game?

The Tempest – by William Shakespeare – revised by Alex Fallis

Opens Wednesday, April 1 and runs through to Saturday, April 4, 2020 – Grenfell Theatre -  8pm
The Tempest is one of William Shakespeare’s best loved plays. It is a wonderful mixture of astonishing poetry, fascinating philosophical discussions, music, theatrical magic, young romance, and physical comedy. It is a showcase for a wide variety of theatre skills, both for the actors and on the technical side. It is a great choice for the last show of our season.

The ‘Harlow Show,’ which is partly rehearsed at the Harlow Campus, is an opportunity for senior students to develop, refine, and showcase the skills they have learned over the course of their degree. As this year’s ‘Harlow Show,’ all of these skills will be on display in The Tempest, as the play demands full engagement with its magical text and the requirements of precise physical work.

This production is set in the near future, in an isolated bay on the coast of Western Newfoundland that has been cut off from the rest of the world for a number of years. Found objects such as net and driftwood change form and purpose as they become the set and clothing for the characters. The play is full of objects and people changing shapes; this production will focus on the idea of shapeshifting. With a company of eight performers, actors will be doubling and sharing roles in unusual ways, highlighting the magic of the The Tempest.

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