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Sonya Corbin Dwyer

Faculty and Staff


Sonya Corbin Dwyer, B.A. (Hons.), B. Ed. (Memorial), M.Ed. (Dalhousie), Ph.D. (Calgary)

Phone: (709) 639-2546
Email: scorbin@grenfell.mun.ca

Research interests/expertise

My most recent studies are in the areas of memorial tattoos, positive psychology, teaching abroad, and transracial adoption. I am interested in social justice as well as identity issues.


Besides introductory psychology, I primarily teach courses in personality psychology, psychotherapy, the psychology of women, and the psychology of education. I occasionally teach courses in learning and social psychology.

Representative scholarly contributions

Recent Publications
  • Corbin Dwyer, S. (2020). The impact of ESL discussion groups in an undergraduate counselling psychology course. International Dialogues on Education: Past and Present, 7(1), 149-155.
  • Corbin Dwyer, S. (2019). University educators’ experiences of teaching abroad: The promotion of cross-cultural competence. The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 10(3), https://doi.org/10.5206/cjsotl-rcacea.2019.3.9476.
  • Buckle, J. L., & Corbin Dwyer, S. (2019). A picture and a thousand words: The role of photography in a qualitative study of memorial tattoos. Methods in Psychology, 1. doi: 10.1016/j.metip.2019.100003
  • Bolt, E. L. W., Corbin Dwyer, S., Buckle, J. L., & Zendel, B. R. (2019). How age-of-death and mode-of-death impact perceptions of the deceased. Death Studies, 43, 489-499. doi.org/10.1080/07481187.2018.1488774
  • Corbin Dwyer, S. (2019). “My future will be more positive”: Personal impact of an undergraduate positive psychology course. International Journal of Knowledge, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 7(1), 40-45.
  • Corbin Dwyer, S., & Buckle, J. L. (2018). The space between revisited: On being an insider-outsider in qualitative research. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Special Issue: Reflections & Updates on a Top-20-in-20 Article, 17, 1-2. doi: 10.1177/1609406918788176
  • Corbin Dwyer, S. (2014). Women in the ivory tower: Graduate students speak out. In V. Burton & J. Guthrie (Eds.), Changing places: Feminist essays on empathy and relocation (220-246). Toronto: Inanna Publications.
  • Corbin Dwyer, S. (2014). The ABCs of teaching cross-culturally: University educators' experiences. International Dialogues on Education, 1(1), 58-69.
  • Buckle, J. L., Corbin Dwyer, S., Duffy, J., Brown, K., & Pickett, N. (2013). Personality factors associated with gambling behaviour in university students. Journal of Gambling Issues, 28, 1-17.
  • Corbin Dwyer, S., Piquette, N., Buckle, J. L., & McCaslin, E. (2012). Women gamblers write a voice: Exploring journaling as an effective counselling and research tool. Journal of Groups in Addiction & Recovery, 7 (319-320).
  • Corbin Dwyer, S. & Gidluck, L. (2012). Talking about adoption: Considerations for multicultural counsellors when working with transracial families. Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 3(1), 61-71.
  • Corbin Dwyer, S. & Gidluck, L. (2011). Supporting families created through transnational/transracial adoption: Bai jai bei. The Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community, 2(2), 65-76.
  • Buckle, J., Corbin Dwyer, S., & Jackson, M. (2010). Qualitative bereavement research: Incongruity between the perspectives of participants and research ethics boards. International Journal of Social Research Methodology 13(2), 111-125.
  • Corbin Dwyer, S., & Gidluck, L. (2009). Building inclusive classrooms and communities: How teachers and parents can work together to support families created through transracial adoption and other non-traditional families. Our Schools Our Selves, 18(4), 83-95.
  • Corbin Dwyer, S., & Buckle, J. (2009). The space between: On being an insider-outsider in qualitative research. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 8(1), 54-63.’
  • Corbin Dwyer, S., & Gidluck, L. (2009). White mothers of Chinese daughters: Real mothers of real children. In S. Caporale Bizzini & A. O’Reilly (Eds.), The personal to the political: Towards a new theory of maternal narrative (pp. 71-85). Selinsgrove, PA: Susquehanna University Press.

Awards and recognitions

  • Recipient of the Grenfell Campus Engagement Award 2019.

Memberships and affiliations

Cross appointment, Discipline of Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Member, College of Reviewers, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Chair, Psychology

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
20 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL
A2H 5G4, Canada

Office: AS 334
Phone: (709) 639-6511
Email: kwarren@grenfell.mun.ca

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