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Non-History Required Courses

Historical studies

​To complete a Major in Historical Studies, students must complete fifteen credit hours in courses from the following list (these are courses that are thematically or methodologically relevant to the study of History; students may be allowed to take others with permission of the Program Chair. Applicable courses used to satisfy the Minor requirements may also be counted as Historical Studies credits). No more than 6 credit hours from any one discipline will be counted toward Historical Studies Major.

Please contact the chair of Historical Studies for a list of additional courses that can be used to fulfill this program requirement. This is an updated list.  Courses that were on the former list but no longer on this new list will still serve as valid courses for this program requirement.

  • Anthropology 1031 Introduction to Anthropology
  • Anthropology/Folklore/Sociology 2230 Newfoundland Society and Culture
  • Classics 2055 Women in Greece and Rome
  • Classics 3700 The Ancient World in Film
  • Economics 1010 Introduction to Microeconomics I  (formerly, Economics 2010)
  • Economics 1020 Introduction to Macroeconomics II (formerly, Economics 2020)
  • English 2005 Literary Survey I (the beginning to 1600)
  • English 2006 Literary Survey II (1660-1837)
  • English 2007 Literary Survey III (1837 to the present)
  • Folklore 1000 Introduction to Folklore
  • Folklore 2401 Folklore Studies
  • French 1501 Introductory University French, II
  • French 1502 Introductory University French, III
  • French 2100 Intermediate French, I
  • French 2101 intermediate French, II
  • French 2601 Reading Skills
  • French 2602 Reading Complete Texts
  • Geography 1050 Geographies of Global Change
  • Geography 2001 Cultural Geography
  • Humanities 2002 Thought and Society in the Medieval World
  • Humanities 3001 The Early Modern Period
  • Humanities 3002 The Modern World
  • Humanities 4001 Humanities Postmodern
  • Philosophy 1005 Philosophy of Human Nature (or the former Philosophy 1600)
  • Philosophy 2201 History of Ancient Philosophy (or the former Philosophy 2701)
  • Philosophy 2215 History of Modern Philosophy (or the former Philosophy 2702)
  • Philosophy 3400 Political Philosophy
  • Political Science 1000 Introduction to Politics
  • Political Science 1020 Issues in World Politics
  • Political Science 2200 Introduction to International Politics
  • Political Science 2800 Introduction to Canadian Politics and Government
  • Religious Studies 2013 Introduction to Christianity
  • Religious Studies 2050 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Religious Studies 2051 Introduction to the New Testament
  • Sociology 1000 Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociology 2120 Technology and Society
  • Sociology 3040 Introduction to the Methods of Social Research
  • Sociology 3150 Classical Social Theory
  • Sociology 3160 Contemporary Social Theory 

Chair, Historical Studies

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
20 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL
A2H 5G4, Canada

Office: AS332T
Phone: (709) 637-2191