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Undergraduate Programs

Business administration

Undergraduate Programs

The Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) degrees require the completion of 120 credit hours. Typically, these can be completed in 4 years of full-time study although students may also choose to study on a part-time basis. Students should monitor their progress to make sure that degree requirements are being met and may also seek academic advice from an advisor along the way.

This degree guide can be used to keep track of courses and help with planning.

A Business minor is also available to students majoring in other degree programs.

Note: students who have completed appropriate diploma programs at College of the North Atlantic or St. John's College Junior College can find specific program completion requirements on the Transfer Students page.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Candidates for graduation must achieve a grade point average of at least 2.5 and an overall average of at least 60% on the 120 credit hours required for the BBA degree. The suggested course completion sequence for full-time study is shown below. Students are advised to be aware of all course pre-requisites to make sure that courses are taken in the appropriate sequence.

​Required Courses

​Elective Courses

​Year 1

BUSN 1010 Introduction to Business
BUSN 1020 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ECON 1010 Introduction to Microeconomics I
ECON 1020 Introduction to Macroeconomics
6 credit hours in first-year English (ENGL 1110 recommended)
MATH 1052 Mathematics for Business (or MATH 1000)
9 credit hours selected from Electives, below

​Year 2

BUSN 2020 Business and Professional Communication
BUSN 2100 Financial Accounting I
BUSN 2110 Managerial Accounting I
BUSN 2200 Marketing I
BUSN 2250 Marketing II
BUSN 2300 Organizational Behaviour
BUSN 2310 Business Leadership
STAT 2500 Statistics for Business and Arts Students (or equivalent)
6 credit hours selected from Electives, below

​Year 3

BUSN 3010 Organizational Theory
BUSN 3030 Canadian Business Law I
BUSN 3300 Human Resource Management
BUSN 3410 Operations Management
BUSN 3500 Financial Management I
BUSN 3600 Enterprise Development
12 credit hours selected from Electives, below

​Year 4

BUSN 4010 Strategic Management
BUSN 4040 International Business Management
BUSN 4070 Strategy Implementation and Change Management
21 credit hours selected from Electives, below
Business (and related) electives

Non-Business electives
Students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours and a maximum of 24 credit hours chosen from the Business Electives table

Students must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours and a maximum of 33 credit hours, chosen from electives other than those listed in the Business Electives table, to make up the total 120 credit hours required for the degree

Grenfell BBA students are not required to complete a minor; however, you may choose to pursue a minor program if you wish. You should contact the academic unit offering the minor program for accurate information and academic advice when planning your degree program and course selections.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)

The bachelor of business administration (honours) signifies superior academic achievement. To be considered for an honours degree, you must indicate this on the University's official application for graduation. Additional information is available from the Office of the Registrar.

A candidate for the bachelor of business administration (honours) must comply with all the regulations governing the general BBA degree (listed above) and also:

  • obtain a minimum overall average of 75% in required core Business courses and Business (and related) electives, and
  • obtain a minimum overall grade point average of 3.25 in the 120 credit hours required for the degree.
  • A declared candidate for an honours degree who fails to fulfill these conditions but fulfills the requirements for a general degree shall be awarded the general degree of business administration.

Note: In the case of transfer students from other institutions, only courses completed at Memorial University will be used in the calculation of the average and GPA.

Business Minor

The minor in business at Grenfell Campus requires the completion of 24 credit hours as follows:

  • BUSN 1010 and 1020
  • 9 credit hours in BUSN courses at the 2000 level
  • 9 credit hours in BUSN courses at the 3000 level or above

Note: Course prerequisites for all business courses will apply to the business minor.

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