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General Questions

What is the cost of tuition at Memorial University?

The cost of tuition and fees can be found here.

I've been accepted to the BBA program at Grenfell Campus, now what?

Congratulations on taking this next step! Now that you have been accepted to Grenfell, you will need to register for your courses. You will take some combination of required courses, Business electives and non-Business electives. You can find the program requirements here.

How do I register?

Students register online through Memorial Self Service. Step-by-step instructions can be found here. All students are assigned a registration time that is the earliest that you can register; you can make changes any time after your assigned registration time, until the last days to add and drop courses during the term.

An important point to be aware of: Grenfell Business courses have the prefix "BUSN". If you see Business courses with the prefix "BUSI", these are St. John's campus courses. Note that online courses are offered by both Grenfell and St. John's campuses; make sure you select the appropriate courses for your program when you register.

When do I register?

In Memorial Self Service, you will see a section entitled "View Registration Times". This section will inform you of the time when you can begin registration. You are encouraged to register for courses as soon as you are able. Courses fill up quickly and there are limits on the number of students who can enrol in each class. Most BUSN courses are reserved for Grenfell Business students. If you intend to complete a Grenfell BBA or Grenfell Business Minor but haven't declared yet, you must complete a Declaration/Change of Academic Program form, which can be found here.

What are prerequisites and why do I need to know about them?

A prerequisite (noted as PR) is a course that must be completed before you can take another. For example, BUSN 3010 is a prerequisite for BUSN 4010; students must complete BUSN 3010 prior to taking BUSN 4010.

You may also see corequisites (noted as CO). A corequisite is a course that may be taken at the same time as another.

In some instances, the registration system may not recognize that you have completed a course prerequisite, especially if it was completed at another institution and has been awarded as a transfer credit. If you are unable to register for a course because the system notes that you don't have the appropriate prerequisite, and you believe that you do, email business@grenfell.mun.ca to explain the situation. Make sure to include your student number as well as the course name and number for which you are trying to register, and note that you are requesting a prerequisite waiver.

If a prerequisite is listed for a course, it means that the knowledge gained in the earlier course is required for you to be able to properly study the further subjects. Professors will assume that you remember what you learned in the earlier courses! Prerequisite waivers are not approved in circumstances where a student just wants to "get ahead" in the course sequence.

I tried to register for a course, but I got a message saying that I have been placed on a waitlist. What does that mean?

When a class is filled, the Memorial registration system maintains a waitlist of students who would like to take that course. If a student currently registered in the course withdraws, the next person on the waitlist will automatically be transferred to the registered list. Please note that waitlists are removed prior to the beginning of the semester.

It is important to register for your courses as soon as your registration time allows. Some classes fill up quickly and seats will not be added unless exceptional circumstances occur.

I tried to register for a course, but I can't get in although I can see that there are seats available. What's going on?

Most seats in most BUSN courses have been reserved for students declared in either the Grenfell BBA or Grenfell Business Minor programs. If you have not declared either of these, you won't be able to register automatically. If you intend to complete a Grenfell BBA or Grenfell Business Minor but haven't declared yet, you must complete a Declaration/Change of Academic Program form, which can be found here.

How can I find out what textbooks I need for the upcoming term?

If you are registered in an online or St. John's Campus course, you can search for required textbooks via the MUN Bookstore website. If you are registered in a Grenfell Campus course that will be delivered remotely, you can look at the Grenfell Campus booklist on the Your Grenfell Experience page.

I have been registered for a course called Academic Integrity. What is that and do I have to take it?

Academic Integrity is an online non-credit course that all students must complete. It is a brief study of Memorial's academic integrity regulations. Students do not receive credit for this course, but it is a requirement of all students during their first semester at Memorial. If you do not successfully complete this course by the registration period for the next semester, you will not be assigned a registration time.

You can find more information about Academic Integrity here.

Academic Program Questions

What courses do I need to take to complete a BBA?

You can find the full details of the Grenfell Campus BBA here. On this page, you will find a link to a program guide. You are strongly encouraged to use this guide to keep a record of your completed courses as you progress through the BBA program, and use it to help determine which courses to register for each semester.

Do I need to complete courses in a particular order?

In general, the first number of a course will correspond to year in which you should take it (i.e., take the 1000-level courses in your first year, the 2000-level courses in your second year, and so on). Many of the required courses have prerequisites – courses that must be completed before you can take a more senior one. You will find course information, including prerequisites by reading the relevant section of the Memorial University calendar which can be found here.

If you have the prerequisites completed, courses can be taken at any time.

Can I complete the Grenfell BBA online?

Many of the required and elective courses for the Grenfell BBA courses can be taken online, although the entire program is not available at this time.

I attended Memorial University previously. Can I use any of those credits toward my BBA?

Yes, it is possible to use previously-earned credits toward your BBA. If you have completed older courses that have had number changes, it is still possible to use the credits.

If you have not attended Memorial within the last three semesters (including the summer semester), you must re-apply. Use Memorial Self-Service and complete the online application under the "Admissions" menu.

I started my degree at the St. John's campus but now I want to finish the Grenfell BBA instead. How do I switch campuses?

If you wish to change campuses, that means a change in program. You must complete a Declaration/Change of Academic Program form, which can be found here. Note that there are different academic requirements for each program.

I am thinking about pursuing a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation after I finish my BBA. Can I do any of the CPA PREP courses at Grenfell?

Absolutely. You can complete most PREP courses at Grenfell Campus. The list of PREP equivalent courses can be found here.

Which Math course do I need to take?

Grenfell Business requires MATH 1052; MATH 1000* is also accepted. The Grenfell Mathematics program normally offers MATH 1052 on-campus or online in the fall and winter semesters. MATH 1052 is not offered at any other Memorial campus.

If you attended Memorial previously and completed both MATH 1050 and 1051, you have fulfilled your math requirement and you do not need to complete any further math courses for your BBA.

*You may be required to take MATH 1090 before taking MATH 1000.

How do I know I am registering for a Business course at Grenfell Campus and not the St. John's course?

Grenfell Business courses have a "BUSN" prefix and St. John's Business courses begin with "BUSI".

Is there a list of non-Business electives?

There is no 'list' of non-Business electives. Essentially, you can take any course outside of Business that is not listed in the Business Electives table. There are numerous opportunities for non-Business electives both online and on-campus.

Why do I need to take non-Business electives?

University degrees are designed to provide students with a broad range of knowledge. Students not only obtain knowledge in the field they are studying (in your case, Business), but also in other fields where students may have interest.

I am completing my Grenfell BBA online. Can I take courses at the St. John's campus?

Students can complete their non-Business electives at the St. John's Campus. Students may also take their Economics, English, and Statistics courses at the St. John's campus. In extraordinary circumstances, some BUSI courses may also be taken if permission to register is granted to the student by the Faculty of Business Administration on the St. John's campus.

The course I want to do is not offered online this semester, can I take the St. John's course instead?

That depends. Most St. John's courses often have different prerequisites than Grenfell courses. As well, the Faculty of Business Administration in St. John's often restricts its classes for students at their campus. Students will have to contact the Faculty of Business Administration directly to inquire about taking courses from that campus.

What will happen if I drop a course?

The Grenfell BBA can be completed in four years on a full-time basis; that is, the completion of ten courses a year (generally, five courses in each of the fall and winter semesters). If you decide to drop a course, your progression will be interrupted and may affect your ability to take further courses if the course you drop is a prerequisite for others. Before dropping any courses, you are advised to speak with the professor of the course and/or an academic advisor.  

Can I take courses in the summer semesters?

You may take courses in the Spring, Summer, and/or Intersession if appropriate courses are offered. Course offerings are typically much more limited in these terms and availability of BUSN courses is not guaranteed.

Transfer Student Questions

I completed a diploma in Business at a college. Can I transfer my credits to Grenfell Business?

It may be possible. Grenfell Campus has articulation agreements with the Business Administration and Business Management diplomas from CNA, and the Associate Degree in Business Administration from St. John's College Junior College. The pathway details can be found here.

Transfer credits from other colleges may also be accepted on a course-by-course basis rather than a block transfer.

The first thing you need to do is to apply to Memorial University. You can do that here. Please ensure you select "Grenfell" as your campus and "Business Administration" as your program. You must select Grenfell even if you plan to complete your degree online.

You will also have to request that your college send your official transcript to Memorial after your diploma has been awarded. The Transfer Credit office will determine whether you meet the criteria for credit transfers. If a particular college course has never been assessed by Memorial University in the past, you may be asked to provide copies of course outlines and/or other information in order for the decision to be made.

I am currently in the second year of a three-year CNA Business Management program and I would like to take some university courses in the summer – between my second and third years. Is this possible?

If you apply to the University and are accepted, you may begin taking courses. Most BUSN courses will require a completed CNA diploma as a pre-requisite but you may be able to register for courses in Economics, English, Mathematics, or non-Business electives. Make sure to consult the program requirements for transfer students before registering for any courses to make sure that you choose appropriate courses.

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