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Business administration

To be admitted to the Grenfell Campus bachelor of business administration program, students should select the business program from the Grenfell Campus section on the undergraduate application for admission/readmission  to the University or on the declaration/change of academic program form.

Transfers from other post-secondary institutions

  1. Students can transfer from other post-secondary institutions by applying for admission to the University on or before the deadlines specified in the university diary for the semester in which they intend to be their program.
  2. To be eligible for the degree of bachelor of business administration, graduates of a community college business diploma program will be required to complete a minimum of 45 credit hours from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Specific course requirements will be determined on an individual basis at the time of admission.

Students who have graduated from, or are in their last semester of, a two-year diploma in business administration or three-year diploma in business management offered by the College of the North Atlantic may apply for advanced standing for admission into the business program.

Chair, Business Administration

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
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Phone: (709) 639-4600