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Graduate Programs

Graduate Studies

Our graduate programs will prepare you to be a problem solver in today's world and to lead into the future. More programs are in development, such as master's degrees in management, as well as applied literary arts. In addition, the School of Graduate Studies offers special funding to recruit Indigenous students in accordance with the recommendations of Memorial University's 2009 Report of the Presidential Task Force on Indigenous Initiatives as well as Memorial University's 2021-2026 Strategic Framework for Indigenization. This funding is aimed at supporting and increasing the enrolment of Indigenous students in graduate programs.. 

School of Arts and Social Science

49592283421_46cbacd6ef_k.jpg Master of Applied Literary Arts (MALA)

There is a demand for qualified arts professionals in Newfoundland and Labrador. MALA will prepare graduates for a wide range of arts-based professions in this province and beyond. Graduates will contribute to the creative economy, building on local arts, culture and tourism-based economies, enriching rural communities, disseminating shared history and heritage, decolonizing and diversifying, and giving shape to new cultural traditions. Relationships with local communities, businesses and cultural actors will take students off campus to collaborate with local and professional artists. This engaged and community-based approach to learning emphasizes experiential opportunities for students. Learn more here.

49592283421_46cbacd6ef_k.jpg Master of Management (MMgt)

This innovative, online, course-based program allows students to explore fundamental management topics as they relate to individuals, groups and organizations. The program is aimed at professionals with diverse backgrounds who are either currently employed as, or aspiring to become, managers in a broad range of organizations. The Grenfell MMgt is offered for online study only and will normally be completed in five consecutive fall and winter semesters of academic study with each cohort of students completing two courses at a time in a pre-determined sequence. Learn more here.

School of Fine Arts

49592283421_46cbacd6ef_k.jpg Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts (MFA)

Grenfell's MFA delivers a blended learning/low residency program that can be completed in five or six semesters over a two-year period of study. The program begins with an on-campus intensive during May and June of the spring semester followed by fall and winter terms completed in the student's home community or at another campus of Memorial University with distance learning supervision and contact. Students return to Grenfell Campus for a second on-campus intensive the following spring. The final project is presented during the second fall, and/or winter term at Grenfell Campus. Learn more here.

School of Science and the Environment

49592283421_46cbacd6ef_k.jpg Master of Science in Applied Geomatics (AGEO)

The Master of Science in Applied Geomatics (M.Sc. AGEO) is a collaboration between Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Corner Brook campus of College of the North Atlantic. The program is designed to provide students with high-level geospatial analysis training the College of the North Atlantic that is applied to a master’s level research project at Grenfell Campus. Grenfell Campus has many world-class researchers within modern facility and state-of-the-art labs. Thesis topics can range from a wide area of research including (but not limited to): ecology, environmental sciences, geology, geography, biology, agriculture, and a number of social sciences.

49592329522_c279ec3077_k.jpg Master of Arts in Environmental Policy (MAEP)

MAEP is aimed at people wishing to gain expertise regarding contemporary environmental challenges and potential policy alternatives. The program provides both introductory and specialized modules in environmental policy, and we welcome applicants from a diverse range of academic backgrounds including humanities and social sciences, environmental sciences, law and society, business and engineering. MAEP may also appeal to professionals already working in fields related to environmental policy. The part-time option allows these professionals to continue working while upgrading their credentials. Learn more here.


Master of Science in Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences (BEAS)

The demand for food and water security and sustainable forestry and agricultural practices is increasing. We've answered the global call for expertise and understanding of our boreal ecosystem. You'll be provided the opportunity to develop new technical knowledge and management skills, equipped with a strong focus on the science and economics of plant, soil, land and water resources in the context of sustainable boreal agriculture and forestry. 

Learn more here.  


PhD in Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences (BEAS)

Our PhD degree in Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences represents a natural progression from the MSc (BEAS) program. This program is unique, focusing on cropping systems, land use changes, and the impacts of those changes, on managed and unmanaged boreal ecosystems. No other similar PhD program exists in any of the Atlantic provinces nor is any PhD program in Canada designed to focus on the boreal ecosystem and its dynamics.

Learn more here.  

49591902743_cda6315cdf_k.jpg PhD program in Transdisciplinary Sustainability (TRSU)

TRSU aims to make a strong contribution to understanding and addressing complex ecological-social-economic-political issues. The program trains students to understand and conduct research on sustainability issues through a transdisciplinary approach (i.e. drawing on a broad combination of disciplines and collaborating with external partners). Core TRSU courses focus on holistic conceptualizations of sustainability, complex systems, sustainability science, disciplinary reflection, transdisciplinary research methods, team science, and knowledge co-production with stakeholders. Students are able to pursue their individual interests in sustainability-related issues through a structured but flexible program. Learn more here.


Graduate Studies

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