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Future Students

All MAEP students must take the four core courses. Students in the thesis stream (i.e. in the two year, thesis-based program) must take one additional elective course, for a total of five courses. Students in the research paper stream (i.e. in the one-year, course-based program) must take two additional elective courses, for a total of six courses.

MAEP Required Core Courses

▼ ENVP 6000 Foundations of Environmental Policy and Administration

▼ ENVP 6001 Applied Environmental Problem Solving: A Case-Based Approach

▼ ENVP 6002 Research Design and Methods

▼ ENVP 6003 Environmental political Thought

MAEP Elective Courses (offered at Grenfell Campus on a rotating basis)

▼ ENVP 6052 Political Economy, Political Ecology and Policy

▼ ENVP 6053 Ecological Economics

▼ ENVP 6054 Labour and Environmental Policy

▼ ENVP 6055 Environmental Impact Assessment (cross-listed as EVST 4000)

▼ ENVP 6056 Risk Assessment and Analysis

▼ ENVP 6057 Energy Policy

▼ ENVP 6058 Management and Regulation of Water Resources

▼ ENVP 6059 Natural Resources Policy and Administration

▼ ENVP 6520-6530 Reserved in the Calendar for Special Topics Courses

Other MAEP Relevant Courses

(offered at St. John’s Campus and may be selected on a case by case basis)

7551 Fisheries Resource Management
8210 Labour Relations
9329 Labour Law
6014 Topics in Public Sector Economics
6020 Economics of Nonrenewable Natural Resources
6021 Economics of Renewable Natural Resources
6022 Environmental Economics
6023 Advanced Fisheries Economics
6024 Topics in Resource Economics
9601 Environmental Pollution and Mitigation (cross-listed as Environmental Science 6004)
9622 Environmental Statistics
9624 Air Pollution (cross-listed as Environmental Science 6008)
9625 Environmental Impacts of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations
9629 Environmental Policy and Regulations
9630 Pollution Prevention
Environmental Science
6000 Environmental Science and Technology
6001 Earth and Ocean Systems
6002 Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
6003 Applied Ecology
Fisheries Resource Management
6003 Fisheries Economics
6004 Fisheries Policy
6005 Fisheries Planning and Development
6006 Business Management for Fisheries
6204 Sustainable Community and Regional Development
6250 Conservation and Sustainability of Natural Resources
6251 Survey Design, Questionnaire Development and Techniques of Data Collection
6300 Problems in Fisheries Geography
6500 Cultural Geography
6700 Political Geography
6288 Policy and Decision Making
6722 Environmental Health
Political Science
6710 Intergovernmental Relations
6740 Public Administration
6790 Public Policy Process
6140 The Community
6350 Environmental Sociology

Environmental Policy Institute

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