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Political science


​Political science is the systematic study of politics. This involves the examination of the organization and operations of government, the political organizations (such as political parties and pressure groups) that seek to influence the making of political decisions, and the variety of social activities and interactions that affect the nature of politics in a community. It also involves discussion of different perspectives about how political life should be organized and how societies should be governed.

The study of political science is of direct relevance for those interested in careers in such areas as public administration, public policy analysis, law, and journalism. An understanding of politics is also considered to be an essential part of a well-rounded education and will be useful in any endeavor-whether in business, government, or voluntary activity. Our lives are affected in many ways by the actions of governments, and as citizens we have the opportunity and responsibility to participate in politics to pursue what's good for our community, country, and the world.

For a complete list of political science courses offered at Grenfell Campus please visit the Memorial University of Newfoundland calendar.

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