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Astronomy courses offered at Grenfell:

  • Physics 2151: Stellar Astronomy and Astrophysics - Physics 2151 is an introductory astronomy course with no physics prerequisites. It is open to first-year students and above; a knowledge of high school-level algebra is assumed.  (While the calendar description gives a pre-requisite of two semesters of Math, this restriction has been removed from registration.)
  • Earth Science 2150: The Solar System - This course requires no previous astronomy or physics background. The only math used is some geometry and algebra, but no calculus. The emphasis is on giving you an introduction to the structure, origin, and evolution of the many worlds in our solar system.  And, you’ll have the unique opportunity to use the 0.6-m telescope of the Grenfell Campus Observatory as part of your coursework!
  • Physics 3160: Galaxies & Cosmology -This course covers the structure and history of our own Galaxy, the properties of normal and active galaxies, their formation and evolution.  The second part of the course is an overview of cosmological models and their observational background, the Big Bang, and the evolution and expansion of the Universe. Physics 3160 is an upper year physics/astronomy course. Prerequisites: Physics 2056 and 2151 and Mathematics 2000. Physics 3220 is recommended.
  • Physics 3180: Observational Astrophysics -Theoretical topics including celestial mechanics, continuous and line spectra, stellar structure and nucleosynthesis, and stellar evolution.  Observational topics include planning observations, acquisition of images with a CCD electronic camera, fundamentals of astronomical image processing, photometry, and stellar spectroscopy using a variety of software packages. Physics 3180 is an upper year physics/astronomy course. Prerequisites: Physics 2056 and Mathematics 2000. Physics 2151 is recommended. Some projects will be done with the Grenfell Observatory telescope and its instruments, and will require students' participation at nighttime observing sessions. 

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