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Tourism Studies


Tourism Studies Minor Requirements

Business 1020
Tourism 1000, 3240, 4902
6 credit hours in Tourism Studies beyond the 1000 level
6 credit hours chosen from Environment and Sustainability 2200 or 2201, Philosophy 2561 or Religious Studies 3880

Winter 2020 Tourism Studies Course Offerings

TRSM 4903 Special Interest Tourism (Online)

This online course examines the various aspects of special interest “niche tourism” in relation to the more traditional forms of tourism. Trends, growth and diversity in the industry will be critically analyzed in addition to the successes and challenges in promoting different types of special interest tourism globally. Best tourism best practices will be a key focus using various case studies around the world in capturing particular tastes and preferences of tourism products. The students will be required to participate in local tours depending on availability.

TRSM 1000 Introduction to Tourism

This course introduces students to the history of tourism and leisure, and the development of the field of tourism studies. This will include consideration of foundational concepts such as culture and nature, research on the needs and gratifications of tourists, and studies of the functions of tourism.

For more information on the Tourism Studies minor you can consult the University Calendar here.

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