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Social/cultural studies


Social/cultural studies focuses on ways in which society and culture affect everyday life. Courses explore the rituals, beliefs and traditions of different cultures and societies. You'll also learn about the influence cultural and political shifts have on society, the influences of mass media, global issues and trends and the formation of group and personal identity.

Culture and society are probed in their present-day and historical forms from three distinct, yet complementary perspectives:

  • Anthropology
  • Folklore
  • Sociology

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Students completing a minor in social/cultural studies must complete 24 credit hours in the following courses:

  • ANTH 1031 (social and cultural anthropology), FOLK 1000 (introduction to folklore), SOCI 2000 (principles of sociology)
  • Either ANTH 2410 (classics in cultural anthropology) or SOCI 3150 (classical social theory)
  • Either FOLK 2100 (folklore research methods) or SOCI 3040 (methods of social research)
  • One more anthropology course, one more sociology course, and one more folklore course

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