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Science is about the origins of earth and the understanding of the complex relationships between all its elements. It's knowledge of plants and animals. It explains how a plane flies or a house is built – it's the foundation of our lives. General science students at Grenfell explore a variety of topics in five main areas of study:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Earth science 

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  • The minor in science may be chosen in courses from the following disciplines: biology, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, environmental science, mathematics, physics, science and statistics. Students who have completed courses drawn from other science disciplines must obtain approval of the head of science.
  • Mathematics 1000
  • Six additional credit hours in first year science courses (at least three credit hours must be in a laboratory course chosen from any science discipline except mathematics)         
  • Five science courses beyond the 1000 level, at least six credit hours of which must be beyond the 2000 level (Mathematics 1001 may be substituted for one of the 2000 level science courses)

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