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Canadian studies


A minor in Canadian studies is a logical choice if you would like to investigate the many facets of what it is to be Canadian. As you would expect, the courses come from a wide variety of disciplines, in turn reflecting of the interdisciplinary nature of Grenfell's programming. The minor can be used in combination with most of the majors at Grenfell Campus, and consists of eight courses from a wide selection of arts and social science areas.


Canadian studies courses

a) Five courses (15 credit hours) from the following list from at least four different disciplines:

- English 2146. Canadian Prose after 1949.
- English 2156. Canadian Short Stories.
- French 1502. Introductory University French III.
- French 2601. Reading Skills.
- French 2602. Reading Complete Texts.
- History 2200. Canadian History: 1497-1867.
- History 2210. Canada Since 1867.
- Political Science 1010. Canadian Political Problems.
- Political Science 2710. Introduction to Canadian Politics I.
- Political Science 2711. Introduction to Canadian Politics II.
- Sociology/Anthropology 2240. Canadian Society and Culture.

b) Three additional courses (9 credit hours) from the following list from at least two different disciplines:

- Art History 3710. Canadian Art to 1900.
- Art History 3711. 20th Century Canadian Art.
- English 3145. Canadian Fiction to 1949.
- English 3147. Canadian Poetry to 1949.
- English 3148. Canadian Poetry after 1949.
- English 3149. Canadian Prose.
- English 4307. Contemporary Canadian Drama.
- English 4825-35. Special Topics in Canadian Literature.
- Folklore 4300. Folklore of Canada
- History 2120. The History of Canadian-American Relations, 1783 to the Present.
- History 3520/Anthropology 3520. The Early Ethnohistory of North America’s Native People.
- History 3525/Anthropology 3525. The Later Ethnohistory of North America’s Native People.
- History 4254. Special Topics in Canadian History: A History of Social Welfare.
- Political Science 3731. Environmental Policy.
- Sociology 3395. Criminal Justice and Corrections.

Note: A student may not use the same course to satisfy the requirements for both a Major and a Minor.

Note: The Canadian studies minor can be used as an eight- course “teachable” in the bachelor of education (intermediate/secondary) degree at Memorial University.

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