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Art history


A minor in art history will broaden your understanding of art and architecture and how they reflect the progression of human civilization. Courses in art history at Grenfell will demonstrate how the creativity of human civilizations is meaningful as historical evidence.

If you have a passion for travel, you may wish to take your appreciation of and exposure to art to an international level. Memorial University's Harlow Campus is the site of Grenfell's intensive art history study experience, which is held every two years. This 12-week immersion program offers three full credit courses open to students in the VA program and other degree areas. If you choose to go to Harlow, you’ll take daily field trips to important cultural and architectural sites in the UK. The majority of the course work occurs directly in London, with regular trips into the city. These art history courses are immersive and experiential, offering a hybrid of art history, visual and material culture, and studio-based work. You’ll also have the opportunity to travel to Bath, Salisbury, Stonehenge, St. Ives and Bristol as well as day trips to Cambridge, Saffron Walden and Brighton. In addition, there’s time to plan your own week-long excursion virtually anywhere in Europe.

Art history courses

2700 - Art history survey I (same as history 2700)

2701 - Art history survey II (same as history 2701)

3620 - Philosophy of art

3700 - Art history: The Italian renaissance (same as history 3700

3701 - Art History: The Renaissance outside Italy (same as history 3701)

3702-3721 - Art history: Special topics 

3820 - Religion and the arts (same as religious studies 3820)

4700-4729 - Art history: Special topics 

4730 - Art history: Modern art I: Precursors to modernism (same as history 4730)

4731 - Art history: Modern art II: Early modernism (same as history 4731)

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