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Dr. Robert Wilson

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Dr. Robert Wilson.jpgDr. Robert Wilson
Research Associate
Faculty of Medicine
Principal Investigator
Co-Investigators: Dr. Brian Veitch, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science; Dr. Deborah Kelly, School of Pharmacy; and, Dr. Susan Mercer, Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Wilson was awarded the 2020 ARC-NL Research Grant for his project entitled, Improving Health Care Services for Vulnerable Elderly: Building an Inclusive Understanding of the Health Care Processes Surrounding the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.

ARC-NL: What piqued your interest in this area of research?
I have been researching the aging population since beginning my Master’s back in 2007 and have developed quite a passion for this area.  Combined with our unique and vastly changing demographics it a good area to be investigate.

ARC-NL: Can you please provide a brief synopsis of your specific project?
For this project we are establishing a new collaboration between these two services, with the common goal of improving services for elderly/aging patients and increasing efficiencies in the healthcare system. To better understand the patient flow through this collaborative healthcare process and identify potential areas of success and failure, the GMS and MTS teams have partnered with experts in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science to model the process using the Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM). Using the FRAM model we will identify the factors that contribute significantly to successful (and unsuccessful) outcomes for frail elderly patients as they experience the healthcare processes leading up to and following a GMS visit. Preliminary mapping of the FRAM model has been done; however, one key element, the patient perspective, has not yet been captured. 

ARC-NL: How did getting the support of the ARC-NL Research Grant assist you with your project?
This ARC-NL funding helps pay for a much-needed research assistant for the coordination of the project and with recruitment of study participants. That allows us to conduct 10-15 patient and/or caregiver interviews, each lasting about one hour, to map their experience within this system. 

ARC-NL: How do you feel your research will benefit the aging population of Newfoundland and Labrador? Canada?
The overall goal of this work is to improve efficiency in the GMS program leading to a shorter waitlist and improved patient outcomes, resulting in enhanced quality of care for our elderly and aging population.

ARC-NL: Any past experience you feel is pertinent to your success today?
Beginning my career with Quality of Care NL has allowed me to learn from some of the best researchers in the province and country and build good relationship with many different stakeholders in the health care system. 

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