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Funding Opportunities

2023 ARC-NL Graduate Fellowships Competition

In 2023, the Aging Research Centre-Newfoundland and Labrador (ARC-NL) of Memorial University will provide master’s and/or doctoral fellowships to students doing research on age-related topics in any discipline.  A total of up to four fellowships of $6,000 will be awarded.  ARC-NL Graduate Fellowships may be held for a maximum of 12 months or as long as the student remains eligible for baseline funding from School of Graduate Studies (SGS), whichever is shorter. Applications must be submitted by the supervising faculty member on behalf of the student. 

This year, ARC-NL will also partner with AGE-WELL NCE for one jointly funded fellowship of $18,000 for Masters or $24,000 for PhD. Please see details below if you would like to be considered for this additional opportunity. 

The ARC-NL fellowships will be provided in two categories:

ARC-NL Fellowship

For the 2023 ARC-NL Graduate Fellowships, we are asking faculty members to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to outline their willingness to supervise a graduate student on research that is focused on aging. We hope these awards will help encourage faculty who have an interest but not necessarily the funding to support/supervise graduate students interested in aging issues to accept those students for admission. Please note that for this category, a faculty member may or may not have identified a potential student at the time of application. However, a student will need to be identified prior to September 2023. The application will be assessed based on the Expression of Interest and the faculty member’s ability to supervise the student. See “To Apply” below for more details.

ARC-NL/AGE-WELL Fellowship

This year, ARC-NL is partnering with AGE-WELL NCE, Canada’s Technology and Aging Network, to fund one Graduate Fellowship valued at $18,000 for Masters or $24,000 for PhD, for the period of September 1, 2023-March 1, 2024. To apply for this opportunity, students will need to submit an application Form, CV, Research Statement, and Personal Statement. See “To Apply” below for application form and instructions.

For more information on Graduate Programs at Memorial, please visit here.  

Eligibility for both Fellowship Categories

 To submit an EOI for the ARC-NL Graduate fellowship, faculty:

  • Must be a faculty member at Memorial who is able and willing to supervise a graduate student eligible to hold the award

  • Must be able to identify a current student whose research is focused on aging or recruit a student into an eligible program for a September 2023 start

  • Must be a member of ARC-NL (apply to become a member)

To be eligible for a fellowship a student must:

  • Be currently enrolled in or accepted to a graduate program at Memorial (as noted above) with a start date of September 2023

  • Be pursuing a research-based master's or doctoral degree at Memorial University 

  • Have selected or been assigned a research topic that is relevant to aging, broadly defined to include a wide range of disciplines, approaches and topics

  • Be eligible for baseline funding from SGS

  • Be a Student Member of ARC-NL (apply to become a member)

  • Have an academic supervisor who is a Research Member of ARC-NL (apply to become a member)

Important Dates

  • Deadline for Expression of Interest: April 30, 2023

  • Announcement of awards: June 2023

  • Beginning of funding: September 2023

To Apply

ARC-NL Fellowship

Faculty members must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to demonstrate their willingness to supervise graduate student research that is relevant to aging, with a particular focus on community-based research projects, based in Newfoundland and Labrador and consistent with the broad mandate of ARC-NL.  To find out more about ARC-NL, please visit here.

The EOI should provide a broad description of the project, the role of the graduate student and the potential impact of the study in terms of closing knowledge gaps and contributing to the health and well-being of the aging population in Newfoundland and Labrador.  EOIs should be one page maximum and should identify which fellowship category is relevant as well as any additional sources of funding supervisors have to offer students. At the time of the EOI submission, the faculty member does not have to identify the prospective student. 

EOIs can be sent to arcnl@grenfell.mun.ca

ARC-NL/AGE-WELL Fellowship

To be considered for this Fellowship, students must complete an application form including the following attachments:

  • Student’s CV

  • 1-2 page, single-spaced research proposal

  • Undergrad and graduate transcripts

  • 1 page, single-spaced personal statement to be considered for a jointly-funded fellowship with ARC-NL partner, AGE-WELL NCE. AGE-WELL, Canada's Technology and Aging Network, supports the creation, development, implementation, and evaluation of technologies and technology-related services that improve the quality of life for older adults and caregivers in Canada. In your statement, please address the following:

      1. Please briefly tell us about yourself and your future career path (recommended 3-4 sentences).

      2. Please tell us more about your research. How does your work connect to AGE-WELL's 8 Challenge Areas? Why is your project important? Who is your target user population(s)? 

      3. How do you intend to achieve your project goals?  What is the expected impact of your research?

Selection Criteria

  • Relevance of the proposed research topic to aging with priority given to research relevant to aging in Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Quality of the project description in the Expression of Interest

  • The student’s CV and research and personal statements (for the ARC-NL/AGE-WELL Fellowship)

End of Award Reports

Upon completion of the award, recipients must submit an End of Award Report to arcnl@grenfell.mun.ca.

For more information on ARC-NL Fellowships, please contact the ARC-NL Coordinator at (709) 637-7197 or  arcnl@grenfell.mun.ca.

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