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FAQ - Access to Campus /Community & Info for Newcomers

We'll continually update this page as information changes or new information becomes available. Check back often! Still have questions? Email info@grenfell.mun.ca.


  • Coming to campus/ Masks required on campus
  • Use of computer lab/ resources
  • Student Housing
  • Study permits for international students

Can I come to campus?

Access to campus is currently limited.  If you require access to campus please contact Campus Enforcement and Patrol at (709) 637-6210 or email cep@grenfell.mun.ca. Please remember, the only entrance you can use is the one closest to CEP in the Arts and Science atrium.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 24, masks must be worn in public indoor spaces in Newfoundland and Labrador as issued in a special measures order by Newfoundland and Labrador's chief medical officer. Therefore, non-medical masks will be mandatory beginning on Monday for Memorial faculty, staff, students and visitors. These must be worn in public spaces and common areas or any time a two-meter physical distance cannot be maintained while at university facilities or while conducting Memorial business off-campus.

Areas where masks must be worn include, but are not limited to, hallways, publicly accessible lobbies, elevators, reception areas, stairways, washrooms, laboratories, in Memorial-owned vehicles transporting more than one person, any work areas where two-meter distance cannot be maintained, when entering and exiting classrooms and in lunchrooms when not seated.

Please speak to a supervisor if you are an employee and are not able to wear a mask and require an accommodation. As well, if you are experiencing challenges acquiring masks, or there are exceptional circumstances, you must notify your supervisor to determine options and a course of action.

In the short term, if you arrive on campus without a mask, a limited supply of disposable masks are available at Campus Enforcement and Patrol.

Exemptions for the use of masks under the special measures include.

  • Seated areas – Individuals seated in their chairs at their desks, provided physical distancing of two metres can be achieved between individuals or bubbles and provided they wear a mask when moving around in these places:

  • Classrooms (when the two-meter distance can be maintained)

  • When protective barriers are in place and a consistent two-meter distance can be maintained

  • Offices and cubicles (when the two-meter distance can be maintained)

  • Individuals wearing religious face coverings

  • Eating or drinking when two-meter distance can be maintained

  • Workplaces – Employees must wear a mask when in a publicly accessible lobby, reception area, hallway, stairway or elevator; however, requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, as well as any workplace-specific health and safety plans, will continue to apply to workers (for example, if a job requires a respirator, the respirator must be worn instead of the non-medical mask).

If you are unable to wear a mask, please do not come to campus. Contact your supervisor.

I live in Corner Brook and need to access a computer, is there a lab I can use?

At the moment, only AS 3003 computer lab is accessible by students.  Students must practice social and physical distancing when using this computer lab. We will have to limit the number of people in that lab so you may have to wait. 

Can I use other resources on campus?

We are developing reopening plans, and making changes that indicate the guidelines provided by the provincial government. Some resources may be open by appointment. Access to campus and resources, and the regulations around this, are constantly evolving.


Can I move into student housing?

As the majority of students will be learning remotely, Student Housing will not be open in a usual capacity.  Currently, the Chalet Apartments are the only residence community that will be available for students in exceptional circumstances (those unable to travel) and for those required to be on campus due to program requirements. 

Any student who is required to be on campus for this current will be required to submit a separate application specific to the Spring 2021 semester. Information regarding this new application will be shared once it is available.

What happens to my $500 deposit I paid for housing?

Not all $500 payments were processed. If your payment was processed, it will be automatically refunded. If your payment was not processed, no further action will be taken. 

I have applied to housing for September,  but have been told I cannot move. Do I need to re-apply for the January semester?

Students who have submitted their Offer of Accommodation forms for Fall 2020 will have their applications automatically switched to Winter 2021. No further action is required on your part.  Student Housing will be in contact with you by email when decisions have been made about Winter 2021.

I am interested in the government's temporary 2-stage approval process for study permit applications. Am I eligible for this process?

Please check the IRCC website for information related to the study permit application process. If you would like to discuss your situation with a Registered Canadian Immigration Counselor (RCIC), you can contact international@grenfell.mun.ca to set up an appointment. In the meantime, it may be useful to ensure that you have the appropriate documentation prepared for your application to be evaluated. Applicants may also want to consider including a letter explaining why they chose their specific program of study and why they chose Canada as a study destination when submitting their study permit application.

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