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Core Curriculum

Office of the Registrar

The Core Program is intended to ensure that the degree has sufficient breadth. It is through the Core that students learn to improve their basic academic skills, to think critically and independently about a broad range of subjects, and to develop their awareness of social, cultural, scientific, and political issues.

The Core includes a Literacy Requirement, a Quantitative Reasoning & Analysis Requirement, Breadth of Knowledge Requirement:


The Literacy Requirement is intended to ensure that graduates of Grenfell College are able to express themselves clearly and correctly, and that they have a broad appreciation of the English language as a means of communication. It includes thirty credit hours in Writing Courses (W) including a first year English sequence. Six credit hours in language courses may be substituted for any six credit hours in Writing Courses except for first year English.
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Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis

The Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis (QRA) Requirement is intended to help students develop a degree of appreciation of numerical, statistical and/or symbolic modes of representation, as well as an appreciation of the analysis, interpretation and broader quantitative application of such representations.
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Breadth of Knowledge

Six credit hours from each of Group A, B, and C for a total of 18 credit hours. The courses chosen can be any courses within the disciplines identified. However, students are not permitted to use these courses to meet the Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis requirement nor the first-year English requirements.
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Courses to make up the total of one hundred and twenty credit hours, other than those required for the Core Program and Major and Minor Requirements, may be chosen according to the following guidelines:

  1. any courses in arts, social science, science, and fine arts;
  2. up to fifteen credit hours in other subject areas

Waiver of Requirements

Course pre-requisites may be waived by heads/program chairs of the disciplines in question.

In special circumstances the Academic Studies Committee may waive the requirements that apply to this degree program.

Explanatory Notes

  1. Courses will be designated Writing Courses (W) by the Academic Studies Committee.
  2. Breadth of Knowledge courses are from various subject areas that help to provide a broad body of shared knowledge. Breadth of Knowledge Courses cover material across a number of disciplines that contributes to the general body of knowledge common to educated members of society.
  3. Courses that are designated both Breadth of Knowledge and Writing Courses may be used to satisfy both requirements.

Office of the Registrar

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