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University 1010

Grenfell Campus is pleased to offer a special offering of University 1010, The University Experience,  from August 8 – September 2, 2022.  This course focuses on student success and will cover topics such as: learning styles, critical thinking, time management, test-taking strategies, note-taking, library research, essay writing, and presentation skills. 

Delivery Options:  This course will be offered in a hi-flex mode, and students may choose the mode that works best for them.

                In-person: students may attend class in person at Grenfell Campus

                Live Remote Lectures: students may join the live lectures remotely

                Recorded lectures:  students who are unable to attend in person, or via live remote lectures may watch the recorded lectures

This course will count as a fall course, however students who wish to complete University 1010 in August are still eligible to do 5 courses in the fall semester. 

This course is a great elective for students and a great way to develop the skill-set they need to excel in university studies. It is a 3 credit hour course

This course will only be available to register though add/drop form which will need to be submitted to rofrontcounter@grenfell.mun.ca .  It does not require departmental signature.

English 1000 Pilot Project

During the Fall 2022 Grenfell Campus will be offering 2 sections of English 1000, section 062 & 066 as part of the learning community pilot project.   The aim of this project is to help students improve their writing skills through workshops, peer supports, and other activities that will enrich their university experience and help them be successful.

Learning Communities have been implemented in many universities to help students develop better study skills, increase their chances of academic success, and to create friendships with like-minded peers.  Over the years, students have indicated to us their concern with writing at the university level, and these learning communities will give those students the opportunity to build writing skills that will be transferrable to all university disciplines.  These sections of English 1000 will be supplemented with optional writing skills workshops. Students in these sections will also be invited to a number of other skills-building sessions and social activities that promote academic growth and peer interaction.  The aim is to increase the writing and academic skills of this group of students while providing them with the opportunity to build lasting friendships.

If you have any questions on the English 1000 Pilot project please email info@grenfell.mun.ca

Office of the Registrar

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