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Grenfell Matters introduction, as appeared in The Western Star newspaper's Feb. 7, 2018 edition:

It’s a new page for us here at The Western Star, one that we’re hoping you’ll be as excited about as we are. Today, we begin our “Grenfell Matters” feature, a weekly snippet of the stories and people who inspire them from Corner Brook’s Memorial University campus.

Once a week, we will expand our coverage of the school by having leaders of Grenfell tell the stories that are important to them.

Why is Grenfell so important to us? For starters, if you add the students, staff and faculty, you have a population comparable to the Town of Massey Drive. More importantly, though, the work that’s happening at the institution has the potential to affect one and all in western Newfoundland, from the environmental research, to the deep dive into farming, to the cultural footprint left by its fine arts programs, and hundreds more.

We’re hoping by sharing the stories of Grenfell, we’ll help highlight some of work that many now consider a long climb “up the hill.”

Grenfell is our university.

The students are many of our youth.

The staff and faculty are our family, friends and neighbours.

Let’s all take it a step further and ensure we also celebrate their stories as our own.



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GRENFELL MATTERS: Sonya Corbin-Dwyer9/19/2018
GRENFELL MATTERS: Stephen Decker9/12/2018
GRENFELL MATTERS: Patrick Arsenault9/5/2018
GRENFELL MATTERS: Leah King8/29/2018
GRENFELL MATTERS: Student Housing8/22/2018
GRENFELL MATTERS: Bernard Wills8/15/2018
GRENFELL MATTERS: Rie Croll8/8/2018
Grenfell Matters: Matthew Hills8/2/2018
GRENFELL MATTERS: Holly Pike7/25/2018
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Grenfell Matters: Revealing the secret lives of bats - flying south for the winter?7/11/2018
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GRENFELL MATTERS: Food security meets climate change6/13/2018
GRENFELL MATTERS: Kelly Anne Butler6/6/2018
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