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Outages and Interruptions

​Grenfell Campus will reopen, Friday, July 29. 

The Arts and Science Building will continue to be powered by generator while work continues to restore power. The remainder of campus will operate as per usual. Staff are asked to resume work in the spaces previously assigned. 


​​Activity Camps

Grenfell Campus will reopen​ Friday, July 29.  Activity Camps will continue in their original locations. ​


Grenfell Campus’s Arts and Science Building is currently without power.​

The replacement cable for the Arts and Science Building has arrived and installation will begin as scheduled today, Tuesday. It is anticipated that barring any unforeseen issues, power may be restored late Wednesday or on Thursday.

  • In addition to the washrooms near the gymnasium, the washrooms on the second floor, Arts and Science building ( AS 2001) (near Navigate) are functional.
  • The building will close again tonight at 7 p.m., reopening at 5:45 a.m.
  • If you are working out a different location, please put a note on your office door outlining your new location.
  • The Sports of All Sorts activity camps has been relocated to Corner Brook Regional High. Pick up and drop off will take place there.​
  • Effective immediately a precautionary boil water advisory is in effect in the Arts and Science building only. This boil water advisory is in effect due to maintenance of our water system.  During this maintenance, water pressure fluctuation and discoloration of water may be experienced. You will be advised when the boil water advisory has been lifted.​ Water coolers have been placed in the following areas: in the corridor outside of Campus  Enforcement and Patrol offices AS201 & AS202, outside AS374 (near Resource Centre), and ground floor, Library Computing Building (main entrance area). 
  • If you have children attending camps, please do not send meals that need to be heated in the microwave.​
  • The campus bookstore  closed on Monday and will remain closed until the power is restored. 

  • The current power outage in the Arts and Sciences building has resulted in limited and sporadic access to a variety of rooms and offices, including the Aboriginal Student Centre.  As a result, Student Services has identified alternate kullik-lighting and smudging sites on ​campus. Because the CEP​ window is one area that will remain open, we have worked with Campus Enforcement and Patrol to ensure that kullik-lighting and smudging materials be made available there and continue throughout the power outage.  Members of the campus community may approach the CEP window and ask for the materials, which will include information about appropriate sites on campus.  Student Services greatly appreciates CEP's continued assistance in ensuring that traditional kullik-lighting and smudging practices are honoured and supported at Grenfell Campus.  Questions should be directed to the student affairs officer—Aboriginal affairs, at


Library open during power outage

​The library is happy to host displaced faculty and staff during this challenging time.
  • The upper level is a silent floor. If you would like to work up there, we ask that you turn your phone off. If you need to meet with your colleagues, please do so on the main level.  
  • In all areas, please be courteous and keep your cell phone on vibrate
  • We have four study rooms. Study room #1 is a temporary video conference room. If you need to book it for a meeting you can do this at the Circulation Desk. 
  • Study room #2 is reserved for graduate student use and the key can be obtained from the Circulation Desk.  
  • Students needing to get group work done, study room #4 on the upper level is reserved for undergraduate use and can be booked at the Circulation Desk.  
  • We would also like to remind everyone the library is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm, with the doors being locked at 4:15 so staff can begin shut down procedures.  
ITS Resource Center and Service Desk​

ITS Resource Center and Service desk has been moved  to LC203, (Office in back of LC202 computer lab in Library Building).

Postal Service will be continued for critical mail at this site. If you are expecting incoming mail that is time sensitive please drop by LC203 to pick it up. If you have time sensitive outgoing mail please drop it by LC202 as well. All other mail will be sorted and put in mailboxes after we return to normal location next week. Duplicating can be dropped off at LC202 and we will endeavor​ to complete on machines in other buildings, or if necessary and required immediately, taken to staples for completion.

Counselling Services

Student counselling services are still available throughout the power outage  and have been relocated to chalet 8100.  Students can request/make an appointment and get directions to the temporary location by emailing  Until power is restored counselling services will only be able to be reached via email.​


Building closures 

As a result of our unplanned power outage, the Arts & Science (AS) Building will close from 7 p.m. and will re-open at 5:45 a.m.  The following entrances will remain open during the noted time:

AS - Main entrance (off of the front circle) directly in front of the Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP) Office.

AS – Rear entrance to the gymnasium corridor.

The standard emergency power supply for the Arts & Science building inclusive of emergency lighting will be operable during the unplanned power outage.  Lower interior and exterior lighting levels during the evening hours are not adequate to support normal safe workplace practice for faculty, staff, students or guests.  Therefore, to ensure safety should you have to enter the Arts & Science building between 7:00pm and 5:45am to monitor ongoing Research work or to retrieve something from your work space, we ask that you first check in with the CEP office AS201 (located just off of the main entrance in the atrium).  CEP will either provide you with a flashlight or safely escort you to your destination.

All campus emergency services will be operational during this time, including the CEP emergency phone line 637-2888.  Please do not use the emergency line for general power outage questions or issues.

CEP has increased foot and vehicle patrols of the campus.  We also offer a 24 hour Campus Walk Safe Service.  To avail of this service please call 637-6210.


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