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On the night of the festival, nine enigmatic images will be distributed along West street.

Le soir de festival, neuf images énigmatique seront distribués au long de la rue West.


Jeremy's participation in the Nuit 150+ festival is thanks to the Mentorship Program delivered by Studio Technician David Dyck, of the Fine Arts department at Grenfell Campus.

La participation de Jeremy dans le festival Nui150+ fait partie d'un programme de mentorat avec Technicien de Studio David Dyck, qui fait partie du department d'Art Visuel a Grenfell Campus.


jeremy wills.JPGJeremy Wills

For Jeremy, art was a passion that led to hundreds of incomprehensible drawings based on split second visions he would have when he closed his eyes. This seemingly hopeless struggle toward self-expression was not in vain. His artistic identity came to life within the past two years when the goal of his work changed from attaining realism to perfecting style. Now he has an effective bridge between his imagination and the page (or any other surface). The Golden example of this is the Busebir e'Hiiharooa, which won an Arts and Letters award in 2017. This revelation also helped him speed up work on his graphic novel, The Nomads, which will now probably be complete by 2020.


L'art, pour Jeremy était une passion qui lui mena à produire de centaines d'esquisse souvent incomprehensible, on pourrait dire même des barbeaux. Ce trajet difficile vers une expression artistique se clarifia lorsqu'il changea le but de l'exercice vers atteindre un style laissant tomber le réalisme. Maintenant il existe une connexion entre son imagination et le tableau. Il affirma la validité de son trajet lorsqu'il reçu un prix d'Arts and Letters' en 2017. Cette revelation l'encouragea en plus de compléter son roman graphique qu'il planifie pour 2020.

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