• Retired visual arts employees recognized for generosity

    Tuesday, July 10, 2018
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    ​When Charlotte and Kent Jones donated their intaglio (etching) press to Corner Brook Regional High (CBRH) two summers ago, they weren't looking for praise. With help from their colleagues and CBRH art teachers Glen Simms and Steve Mouland, they just took it apart at home, brought it to the school, and reassembled it.

    Now with the installation of a new donation plaque, their generosity will be publicly acknowledged.

    The press, a new model of which would be valued at $20,000 or more, is the same brand as those that are used in Grenfell's visual arts (VA) program.

    "I doubt that another high school in all of North America has a press of this calibre," said Prof. Jones, who is now retired from the VA program. "The students have used it for two school years now and it has proved to be very popular and has been beneficial in encouraging interest in making art.

    Last week Prof. Jones and partner Charlotte Jones, who recently retired from her position as director of the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery, got word that a plaque had been installed on the press.

    "We felt it was so important to acknowledge Kent and Charlotte's generosity in the form of a permanent plaque because sometimes a thank you alone just does not cut it," said Simms. "The Joneses have been so giving to the students of Corner Brook Regional High over the years; they have been generous with their time by keeping the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery doors open to our students for countless exhibits and they have also helped elevate the prestige of our high school visual arts program by creating a scholarship dedicated solely to visual arts students, which is a first for our school."

    He said the gift of the printing press has further helped to inspire and enrich the art teaching and learning experience at CBRH, noting that the printmaking unit has become a highlight of the curriculum due, in no small part, to the Joneses commitment to art education at all levels.

    "Several students commented again this year at how 'interesting' and 'cool' it was to have access to the press, especially after they learned where the press came from, some history behind it, and how rare it is to have in a high school program," added Mouland. "It truly has enhanced the experience of the students who have used it as well as myself and Glen as teachers."  

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