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    Thursday, April 12, 2018
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    Lori Lee Pike

    As appears in the April 11, 2018 edition of The Western Star

    Research is the backbone of successful planning, fosters continuous learning, and often drives the innovations and adaptations that are so critical in our rapidly changing world. It plays a critical role in preparing new municipal policies and programs to address climate change, deploying new technologies to advance economic sectors such as forestry, tourism or agriculture, developing new cultural and artistic programs and events and improving the health and wellness of our citizens.

    Grenfell Campus is a thriving hub for research that takes place and informs understanding across the province, nationally and internationally. Faculty and students specializing in fields ranging from business and nursing to fine arts and physics are actively involved throughout the province in each of these areas. They are finding new ways to innovate in industry, enhance our communities and champion creativity. Individual researchers and groups – including students in our classes and teams of research collaborators – are conducting exciting work both on and off campus; this research has ramifications for every aspect of our lives from history, to employment, to the ways and means by which we express ourselves. Look for more information on these research projects in future issues of this Grenfell Matters column.

    The Grenfell Campus Office of Research aims to encourage and facilitate this research. Our office is also engaged in major projects aimed at regional sustainability and development in western Newfoundland and Labrador. We work with community stakeholders and industry to strengthen ties between research and its practical applications, and to create positive impacts on our province, while fostering learning and collaboration. The Fast Track to Research project, funded by Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation is just one example. The project aims to support stronger relationships between Grenfell researchers, community and industry partners, particularly in fine arts, business, forestry, environmental science and policy, and food and agriculture – key areas of research strength at Grenfell Campus. The office continues to work towards developing a centre that will focus on promoting and supporting research related to healthy aging. Furthermore, a partnership with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited and the College of the North Atlantic aims to develop a new applied research, innovation, and training centre that would work with community, business, and government to foster a culture of innovation and grow the knowledge economy in the region.

    The office has released its INSIGHT-FELL newsletter for interested individuals both on and off campus highlighting this recent research and more. It is available on our website and in an email format. Please contact us at or (709) 639-2587 if you would like to be included in the newsletter mailing list, or with your comments, questions, or research ideas. We look forward to hearing from you and to bringing Grenfell researchers into your classrooms, workplaces and communities.

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